Vega General Discussion 2013-2015 and on!

Its time™ for a new general discussion thread for the Vega forum. Talk about ANYTHING here, but remember that we have other threads specifically dealing with game-related questions and strategy.

So, whats new with you guys? I know I’m late to the game on this one but this AE 2012 android move and frame data app is absolutely amazing for $1.63. I mean, its not just frame data it has all the hitboxes too! I am going to reference the shit out of this when I go to APEX 2013 this coming weekend.

I quit AE after Evo last year, I still occasionally play it online to dick around, but I just don’t do it hah, I play Jojo’s more than I do any SF games now.
Focusing far more on my art (at the agonizingly slow pace that I’ve been “improving”) than gaming.
I do still lurk this place though :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s a shame that a lot of the guys don’t post on here anymore. I missed the old Team Vega thread. That place was a thing of legends.

Yeah I’m sure there are several other peeps who haven’t posted in a while who still lurk and read. Team Vega was pretty silly, haha. I mean there really wasn’t anything teamlike about it except for it just being a list of Vega players that post on SRK, and very occasionally we’d do tryouts for fun. The constant streams of new users who post for a bit and the disappear of course aren’t going to keep up at the same rate as the game gets older, and there’s only so many times we can debate who is and isn’t a bad matchup for Vega before the basic ideas have gotten around to everyone.

Art… I have so much art stuff I keep buying but I never use it. One day maybe i’ll have the courage to actually start learning how to do more than stick dudes.

Don’t take down your guides though! If a 2013 update comes out I want to do something big again and I may need them : )

Very sparse lurker myself, have posted in the Vega forums but I can’t say I remember contributing to these recurring (yet hilarious) threads lol. I haven’t picked Street Fighter up in a little while now…closing in on a month I’d say. But I did manage to break 10000BP on my Vega before I went AWOL so I felt quite good after reaching that particular goal of mine, even with online being the way it is sometimes. Felt like I did in fact learn a lot about the way of the Claw and also about keeping cool and just turning the game off when I feel close to getting mad salty lol.

I find myself being drawn towards KOF as of late tho, running a team of King, Joe and Vice but am still taking baby steps with all 3…King being the one I consider my best (combo potential is frickin limitless with her i find).

My new year’s is kicking off to a somewhat slow start real life wise, but as far as other games go I enjoy some Guild Wars 2 with long-time online pals and I’ve recently finished the Walking Dead game. Discuss if you prefer, i’m making some food :stuck_out_tongue:

I just remember ridiculous shenanigans and back when SRK had tags, some of the things written in there, man XD About how Eternal blaze put his noodle down and all that and frightening away a lot of people because they’d look in that thread and be all “wtf.”

I keep buying too much art supplies, I’m using them, but laehjvnnxgsli markers and watercolour paints are expensiiiiiive T_____T You should get into it though!


Oh, people still read those? XD

Ohhh new beginnings for 2013, I like it!
Vega forum seems kind of dead lately wich is a shame ofcourse.
I also unfortunatly noticed a huge drop in vega activity in tournaments in 2012 watching alot of streams.
Vega’s are not entering anymore or not making it out of pools, wich is regretable ofcourse, because i love cheering for them :(.
Big fan of Zeus’ Vega, he represents what i want to grow too this year, hopefully overcome ofcourse :slight_smile:

Whats new with me?
I guess its kind of new that i have decided to finally take the game really seriously this year. (as serious as a non-sponsored player, with a full time job could get i suppose)
This year i am aiming to go to way more international tournaments and playing way more in general, trying to filter out the bad habits and getting consistent good placings. I do however believe its getting harder and harder for vega players to win in sf4 as it becomes more and more “super vortex fighter 4: unblockable edition” and having the character with the shittiest wakeup in the game in this growing metagame enviroment is starting to become a threat more and more.
Still love this game and this character,though.

Your art is really improving its fun to see it evolve.
Also i fail to remember what stream it was, but it was really funny to hear some US commentator talk about you from an EVO experience.
Fighting a girl vega from the uk with a potty mouth hahaha.

x_____x What stream was this, must know (Kind of having a “dreaaaaddd” moment right now…). I have a potty mouth anyway (as people who have met me from here would nod in agreement), but I’m curious.

Gyeh, I’m trying with the art, I’m doing some conventions in the UK and such this year. I’ll end up visiting the Netherlands and the US at some point. Trying to stick to English speaking countries for travel as far as cons go :X.

I’m glad to hear that you’re taking it more seriously this year though, travel is good :slight_smile: Not only for the tournaments but because you get to see more of the world.

Like i said, i dont recall the tournament name.

I tried looking for you, but i dont recall. I only remember it was a tournament in the USA, obviousy it was after EVO.
Infiltration was there and i believe he was fighting a female vega player in pool play (she looked cute, but could not play that well)
I think the female vega player sparked this story from the commentator at the time. It could have been seasons beatings ascension, but i just dont know.

I believe the commentator said he beat you, so atleast it should reduce the commentator to a list of 2 people, unless it was not tournament play :stuck_out_tongue:

More than likely the guy who’s friend I told to shut the fuck up because he was stood like, a foot to my side screeching nearly in my ear about “LOL GIMMICKS”.

It annoyed me because I can understand people don’t like how I play because I firmly believe that if I can get you into a corner and kara throw you to death, then I’m going to do it, but can you like, you know, let me fucking concentrate and say your bitch-ass problems with me later?

Long time lurker, I’ve only became more active recently.
I don’t think there’s much to say about Vega, it seems like those that used to post here have moved on in terms of stuff like life, game or maybe character otherwise everyone just gets on with practising and playing rather than discuss like the other threads. Maybe because Vega players are rare nowadays though…

Personally, I still love sf and playing Vega - I’m very active on PSN (everyone hates psn… understandable) and got to a high online rank on the UK side a few months except I stopped playing for a bit, though I’m returning as of next week.
Call me an online warrior but I think everyone knows the UK sf scene is really lacking and going to tournaments that are somewhat unfriendly doesn’t improve my skill. Meh just my thoughts.

“That are somewhat unfriendly”

Welcome to the reason that I don’t play anymore. I’m from Wales.

I’m alive! and glad to see some people are alive as well. Hope everyone has been well =)

It’s been such a long time since I’ve popped into the Vega boards. I guess for a status update on what I’ve been doing, I haven’t seriously touched SF4 in… forever. I’m pretty much out-of-touch with that game and any new developments within it. I’ve moved over to Marvel as my main game and been having a lot of fun with it.

I plan to actually go to some tournies this year: at the end of this month, CEO is having a tourney down here in Florida called Winterfest that I hope to do well in since it’ll be my first. Then I hope to be able to go to Georgia for Final Round with some buddies, provided my vehicle is in well enough shape to make the trip up and back. If not there’s always CEO 2013 around the middle of the year. =)

But enough about me, how has the old Vega boards been? Is “Cosmic Heel” still the word of the day everyday around here?

Yeah, my attitude towards the whole tournament scene is similar.

On the rare occasions I get to have some fun offline with people, casuals are what I look forward to the most even during a tournament. So you can imagine my quick loss of interest during my time at Canada Cup 2011 (aka the birthplace of $8.95), when there were virtually no casual stations and my pool wasn’t until 10pm lol. I ended up DQ’ing my first match because I was chillin at the hotel hot tub and losing to a Juri on my second XD.

Oh yeah, and between me, my friend and the 3 others we were sharing a room with, not one of us thought to bring an Xbox to practice on…the fail is strong with us :slight_smile:

Don’t want to name any specific tournaments or anything but I’m in London.

That is hilarious. Wish I was at Canada Cup to watch Jozhear play the game in which he nearly OCV’d the [insert country here] team.

I know of pai’s issue with her scene, but doesnt london have Winner Stays On?
Winner Stays On seems to be the best place in europe to level up at imo, its every 2 weeks with great players!

I am very jealous of that oppertunity to play that competition offline in a tournament setting every 2 weeks.

I understand where you’re coming from, I have been there and participated several times but like I said the attitude there is something else; unfriendly and very big headed. Maybe I’ll go there again soon just to check it out though.

Prolly if there ever was a ver13 VEga needs to become better to more people to play him in tourneys, some people have this weird mentality of their character starting to get too good or being noticed more and hate the so call “Bandwagoners” players of hopping on the characters, but to me idc The more people to play Vega the better it is for me to watch them on stream and see them do good in tourneys and stuff.

Right now, not seeing to many Vega players or popular Vega players on stream because of the lack of numbers of Vega players and how he currently is right now, so hopefully a ver.13 comes out with nice buffs for Vega to get more appeal and more presence in tourneys or (more tourney viable).

Damn, I haven’t seen you in ages, not since I left the Team Vega place on FB (People, just…some of the guys there made it unbearable -___-")
Hope you’ve been keeping well and not almost dying from getting hit by a truck (I REMEMBER WHEN I NEARLY HAD HEART FAILURE WHEN YOU MENTIONED THIS, YOU SWINE).

Oh, If it was a London lot, I’m actually kinda surprised. I’ve had nothing but good experiences with the WSO guys. Though I only really know TKO Supa, Mills, the twins and Zohair.
However, South West, heh.

Hey guys, for me its been the same story. Poor offline scene in my country (Greece) with not so much interest in the game. Now I am in Durham in northern england and have n1 to play with ;p I will probably go to the WGC in March though

See you at WGC then :smiley: