Vega General Discussion 2013-2015 and on!

I believe the team was Europe 1…might’ve been 2 but I’m leaning towards the former since he beat Ryan Hart that was using broke ass Yun (this was pre-patch AE remember).

And yeah tournament biases aside, that was actually pretty hype.

Random note: Fighting a decent guile from morocco online while your from the netherlands is a bad idea!
Cant do shit about decent sonic boom game with vega with anything but nearly perfect connection online lol.

And the jozhear thing at cc2k11 was europe1 and it was hype eventhough i wanted europe1 to win :slight_smile:

My goals for 2013 are all the same as the Emersion, a non-sponsored player with fulltime job and college trying to improve in something that certainly don’t will get me nothing more than entertainment, but I still kinda like it.

Nowadays I trying to deal with pressure without panic and studing more matchup.

Anyway, thanks francys pai.
When I started with vega, your guides really helped me before!

I’m flattered, thank you :slight_smile:

If the game gets an update, I MAY consider going back to them and doing a complete overhaul. May. If I can get myself to play AE again.

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My Claw punishes all without distinction.

Top 8 at APEX second year in a row! I believe I have to fight Arturo Sanchez next on Sunday in the losers bracket.

I missed your match against Dieminion :frowning:

Meteo Sunday you can do it! 1st place with Vega!

Also is your name pronounced Mee-tee-oh or Meh-Tay-Oh? I personally prefer the second one, the first one sound kinda weird by how the way Ultra David was saying it lol.

Oh, I missed some Vega footage?
There is a link to it?

They made the archives subscrivers only… -__-

Officially, its “Meeteeoh” because of how it derives from Meteor. You can’t mispronounce it because people call me both ways and I like them both. Meeteoh Mehtayoh Meteo2 or Meteor are all good.

I happen to be very familiar vs Guile and have played Diem several times so I managed to tough it out with a LARGE amount of luck in the final round vs him. The matches I have coming up on Sunday I am much less comfortable about but I’ll try and stay as bloodthirsty as I can. If, in the unlikely scenario that I actually win, I might not be able to refrain from laughing like a madman ; ). At least nerves are almost never an issue for me, so I’m nothing but excited to have another shot to play on the big screen.

Sanford is the one that knocked me into losers. He is very experienced vs Zues I think and so he actually knew more about the Claw-Sagat matchup than I did I think. He knew what gambles of his were worth the risk and when to chill out and zone/block/bait. He made me pay for simple positional inefficiencies very well.

Vs Diem it was the last round of the last game, I had somewhere near a third health and Diem was knocked down with 70-ish life. On his wakeup I went directly for a throw and he did wakeup super. I lose all but some chip of life, and he went to juggle with U2. He executed U2 perfectly ASAP, and we both started to put the sticks down. For some reason Vegas hitbox didn’t catch and the U2 wiffed. I don’t know if I had time to punish or not because we both went into panic mode. I chose non-ex LOLDIVE and managed to barely get behind a cr.HP for the win.

HAHA that sounded awesome! You should be able to beat Art Rose. Were there any other Vega players there except for you?

Goddamn funny as hell haha.

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Don’t really play sf anymore but i have still got it (vega thats it).
Ever since the release of AE sf just went down, i don’t know or care much about yun, yang, oni and evil ryu what are the match up like?

Yun is like another rufus/cammy except with a command grab. Yang idk too much nobody plays yang. Evil and Oni have some tricky overheads and a small bucket of shananigans but its rare that you find anyone that can play them safe enough to be viable.

Good stuff Meteo…

Can’t believe K-Brad won, though.

I was most afraid of K-Brad actually. But man, how the fuck can I get my message to Capcom that the only change I want for Vega in 2013 is to remove that damned negative edge on Sky High Claw? I mean come the fuck on, you activate it the same way as walldive and you combo walldive off of a MP. It happens every time I hit cr.MP a frame too early after cr.MK.

Anyway, I’m still happy with how far I got again and it was great to play Arturo for the first time.

Casted Game 1 (pools - must watch from this direct link since non-subscribers aren’t allowed to see it or some shit)
I’m the first match in this vid, the casters say its Dieminion at first but they assumed wrong that he’d win our match.

Casted Game 2 (top 8 losers 02:37:00)

I got a shitton of handshakes and support all event, and very surprisingly only got called a fraud once! hahaha

While they’re at it, get rid of kara scarlet terror.

Yeah those sky high claws in the match i saw against arturo looked really bad, good stuff on top8 though!

Any chance of getting your match against Diemineon online?

Great Job Meteo! You made it really far with Vega even with a awesome clutch moment!!

I feel the same way about SHC, I even see Zeus mistakenly do it more than once. Every claw player who sees another claw player do that randomly already know what the problem was.

Also you ever thought about using a ALT to get to the finals kinda easier?

No, I will not use an alt under any circumstance currently because:

  1. My experience with Vega is so far ahead of my alts that (for now) I will ALWAYS have a better chance of winning with Vega in any situation. Also, my command-move execution is nearly beginner level.
  2. I haven’t put in very much frame/positional labwork when it comes to real match situations. Learning an alt fully will take up the time I should really spend doing that first. For example, I only looked up / learned the frame advantage after Rose’s soul spiral an hour beforehand and didn’t really get a chance to test late-frame distance with it.

I’m going to start actually studying a little more, and doing more labwork than just combos and rare crossups. It’s funny that I make it so far so easily sometimes but it’s a bit embarrassing to not even know basic frame advantage when I understand frame data so clearly, let alone whether some things can be blocked high or low (like Adon’s moves)!

No replays of Diem vs me unless someone grabbed a cell phone video of it (unlikely) AND that person knew who I was (unlikely) AND decided to upload it (unlikely) AND gave it sensible tags that can be searched (unlikely) AND someone actually puts effort in to try to find it (you get the picture…)

However, I did grab a bit of MMS Native vs Wolfkrone xD