Vega General Thread: The Masked Narcissist Enters The Tournament

The Spanish Ninja known as Vega has just been revealed.


Credit to General_Awesomo for the combo list below ! :tup:

I’ve compiled a HUGE list of combos for Vega. In this list, there are all sorts of categories. Enjoy.

Meterless empty jump combo:
c.LK, c.LP xx LK CT
127 dmg / 229 stun


Meterless bnb
claw s.HP xx SC, s.LK, BH c.MP xx MK CT
239 dmg / 341 stun
300 dmg / 450 stun with a jump-in

1 bar bnb
claw s.HP xx SC, s.LK, BH c.MP xx EX CT
267 dmg / 369 stun
324 dmg / 474 stun with a jump-in

1 bar bnb with V-Trigger
claw s.HP xx SC, BH c.MP xx EX FBA, V-Trigger
335 dmg / 330 stun
376 dmg / 440 stun with a jump-in

2 bar bnb
BH s.HP xx SC, claw c.LP xx
303 dmg / 473 stun
352 dmg / 561 stun with a jump-in

CA combo
claw s.HP xx HK CT xx CA
414 dmg / 154 stun
462 dmg / 288 stun with a jump-in

CA combo with V-Trigger
BH s.HP xx SC, claw c.MP xx V-Trigger, CA
485 dmg / 240 stun
512 dmg / 365 stun with a jump-in

Max punish (no CH), but ONLY IF THEY’RE STANDING!

Most damaging 1 bar combo:
s.HK, Matador Blitz xx EX FBA, Izuna Drop
308 dmg / 424 stun
358 dmg / 521 stun with a jump-in

Replace Izuna Drop with the slash and juggle afterwards with V-Trigger for:
364 dmg / 424 stun
399 dmg / 521 stun with a jump-in

While this is amazing damage, you have to keep one thing in mind. S.HK whiffs on crouchers. Only use these combos when they whiff something big to ensure they’re standing.

s.HK, Matador Blitz xx CA
443 dmg / 304 stun
470 dmg / 421 stun with jump-in

s.HK, Matador Blitz xx V-Trigger, CA
495 dmg / 304 stun
541 dmg / 421 stun with a jump-in


CC claw c.HP, claw s.HP xx HK CT xx CA
480 dmg / 318 stun

CC claw c.HP, claw s.HP xx V-Trigger, CA
531 dmg / 270 stun

398 dmg / 198 stun

CC BH c.HP xx V-Trigger, CA
513 dmg / 180 stun

466 dmg / 360 stun

CC s.HK xx V-Trigger, CA
508 dmg / 180 stun


CH meterless bnb
BH s.HP xx SC, claw s.HP xx SC, BH c.MP xx MK CT
300 dmg / 450 stun

CH 1 bar bnb
BH s.HP xx SC, claw s.HP xx SC, BH c.MP xx EX CT
328 dmg / 476

CH 1 bar bnb with V-Trigger
BH s.HP xx SC, claw s.HP xx SC, BH c.MP xx EX FBA, V-Trigger
382 dmg / 470 stun

CH 2 bar bnb
BH s.HP xx SC, claw s.HP xx EX FBA, EX ASE
364 dmg / 530 stun

CH CA combo
BH s.HP xx SC, claw s.HP xx SC, BH c.MP xx MK CT xx CA
448 dmg / 378 stun

CH CA combo with V-Trigger
BH s.HP xx SC, claw s.HP xx SC, BH c.MP xx V-Trigger, CA
513 dmg / 350 stun


CH CA combo with V-Trigger
BH s.HP xx SC, claw s.HP xx V-Trigger, CA
519 dmg / 270 stun

Here is a video of Momochi testing stuff with Ryu.

  • It looks like his best normals to continue combos is st. MP and st. LP. Both moves look like they give you plenty of hit stun to link into other normals
  • He also kept trying cr. LK, cr. LP, SRK and he couldn’t get it to work. But we’ve seen it work already so I think he was trying to link the SRK instead of canceling the cr. LP.
  • He couldn’t get cross up tatsu to work

He also did a pretty cool combo which is forward fierce, cr. HP, V Trigger, HP SRK, Critical Art

Ryu just seems like he’s going to be rock solid in this game. My only concern thus far is that he feels like his c.MK and c.HK should hit slightly longer than they currently do, but that might change.

His normal has are now better, His better with focus than parry since it more on ken’s evo moment. while focus is been with ryu in smash, sf3 manga and the unrelease game capcom fighting all star.

Ryu looks strong in here. I feel that his V-Trigger is very good, especially the Hadouken which is amazing, and plus he gets no penalty meter loss for throwing it out. I believe his Parry can become strong in certain situations in which he can recover from it to punish. The only problem right now is that we don’t have the game, so we can’t test what he can Parry and punish accordingly without putting any detriment to himself yet, because the Parry animation has to recover before Ryu can do anything.

If it was like 3S Parry, Ryu would’ve automatically been the Best Character in the game, so this parry is 100x better. Overall, I’ll be really looking forward to playing Ryu.

Yeah I always play Chun/Ryu with Chun being my real main. Ryu might be my main in 5. The parry is too tempting, fireball wars should theoretically always be in his favor

Aw Yeah,

Combofiend showed off that Ryu can juggle the opponent with CA after a LK tatsu

I fear the nerfs

They’re probably coming. Scrubs don’t like the idea of Ryu being even remotely strong.

so like cammy, ryu can combo into more damaging moves from lights, that’s actually a pretty big deal. Also apparently standing normals never wiff against crouchers so st.lp is a good hit confirm button. I would be interested to know if,, st.lp is a combo (putting an extra may push you too far away) because if it is it means that Ryu’s frame trap or throw game is incredibly strong. the opponent would have to block 2 lows before considering to safely stand tech or risk eating a big confirm combo from ryu, possibly into super. In SF4 two cr.lks usually push you to far away for a good combo. His v-trigger fireballs look very strong. They travel very fast and knockdown, if he hits you with one fireball at mid range you’re in for a long haul to get in. I could very well see a turtle style Ryu working by getting a life lead and parrying projectiles to build meter and then further stretching that life lead with his V-trigger.

I miss the Shakunetsu Hadouken, I hope Joudan Senpuu is back.

he seems pretty weak over all compared to the rest of the cast, slow nornmals, average hitboxs, looks very very bad range wise compared to SF4, but seems to be a block string with hadoken (?), but he clearly hit like a truc, at the same time who dosnt ? all character have nearly the same damages options from even the shortest combo

i though first that ryu was the only char that could deal so much damage if you let him open you, so him being weaker in other area was kinda ok, but now that i see every char doing the same … walk seep is pretty slow too, at the same time we have yet to see his full potential being displayed since he’s a solid character with good fundamental overall, the rest of the cast being more gimmicky make them look better " right out of the box "

we’ll see with time, but he clearly feel weak

I’m curious about his tatsu. Does every version hit crouching or only one version like Omega? In Omega the only one that hit crouching was the MK version I think. But I’ve seen plenty of Ryu players whiff their tatsu during a combo, including Daigo. Maybe Daigo was using the correct tatsu but the range where it hits crouching is limited? The donkey kick would come in real good handy since Ryu can chain 3 light attacks. Special canceling that last one into donkey kick which won’t whiff would have really helped.

Besides that, people have already said plenty about how his sweep and low forward lacks the range that they’re normally known for. I think it’s actually a bigger problem with sweep than it is with low forward. The thing looks punishable all the time because of the lack of push back. Without range and push back, it seems like you can only use it as a punish or guess. Since it doesn’t give you a hard knockdown to set up Denjin’s then I don’t know what’s the point of it. I think they should at least make V Trigger Ryus’ sweep give you a short hard knockdown so you can use it to set up denjin. You won’t be able to get a full charge, but you can release early if they try to jump away. Either that or more range on the sweep, same goes for the low forward.

I miss the Shakunetsu Hadouken but I happy with his SP/EX Denjin Hadoukens, Thanks for the wonderful new tatsu that can hit crouching opponents, I hope Joudan Senpuu is back.

Still like A focus attack rather than a parry since that was Ken’s evo moment while ryu in the sf3 manga, the unrelease game capcom fighting all star, smash bros, namco x capcom are using umeshoryu and SF4 Focus Attack. THE “Kaze no Kobushi”

But what with Ryu right now is fine with me.

Cr.Mk and range is :confused:
St.LK seems really good and it combos when you cancel into hadoken. looks decent but not as good as E.ryu
His st.Hk which use for Crush counter moves him forward.

Forward H Punch, Cr.HP, V-trigger, HP DP, into CA was cool Looking.

Hopefully ryu will have the Joudan kick it will help him more ways than one also goes well with his gameplan.

Agree Ryu does seems a bit weaker than the rest although we have not see his full potential so can be said with the rest of cast.

One thing that bothers me is that according to combofiend you can’t cross up with his air tatsu so what the idea behind that, it barely has any purpose.

Parrying seems reaaaaaallly hard. Maybe it could use a bump in active frames.

Can you parry out of meaties?

Also do you folks have footage of succesful parries that are converted from?

Do you guys think his V Skill should work in mid air?

For completion’s sake I think it should.

This is the best use I’ve seen of it so far when Combofiend used Ryu against Justin’s Bison.

Skip to the 38th second and you’ll see Combo parry both hits of a scissor kick and punish with fierce SRK. The parry really comes in handy against attacks that have a lot of recovery like specials and heavy attacks. Not useful for light attacks or deep jump ins though.

Watching the momochi video, it seems air tatsu doesn’t generate any meter

Here’s the information I collected on Ryu while I was at e3 and catching up on the recorded footage from other people. Feel free to correct any information that is incorrect.

General Impressions:
[] He’s still a very good character in this build of SFV but not really over powering like Vanilla SFIV.
] Full screen zoning seems weaker in comparison to SFIV with all the anti-FB tactics that each character has.
[*] Mid-to-close zoning remains effective but opens you up to character specific anti-FB tactics and jump ins. You can tell this was done by design intent.

[] His jabs and shorts are special cancel-able and are his main non-punish combo starters. You’ll want to do things like cr.jab/short xx DP
] S.short is surprisingly good because of it’s special cancel property. Alex Valle was doing some really good up close mind games utilizing it to harass.
[] Cr.Strong is positive on block and is still really good for frame traps.
] Cr.Forward is still an extremely good poke and combos into fireball on hit
[] Cr.Forward xx Fireball seemed unsafe on block at close ranges. Might not be as bad with Jab Fireball but not sure.
] Animation of his cr.RH, cr.Fierce, and I think s.Fierce are different on block and whiff.
[] All of the above normals are incredibly punishable on block but at least cr.Fierce is special cancel-able.
] Looked like cr.RH on whiff had a bigger hurt box on it while he’s recovering so it’s easy to whiff punish it.
[] Seemed like Capcom wants you to be very deliberate with that use of cr.RH and commit to it otherwise eat a whiff a punish for it.
] His Crush Counters are s.Fierce and s.RH.
[] His s.Fierce Crush Counter causes a knockdown on hit. I couldn’t link into super after wards (even in the corner) so not sure what the combo potential is off of this.
] His s.RH Crush Counter gives you time to dash in and do a combo but need fast reactions on the dash confirm.
[] j.Forward is his cross up again.
] j.Strong is his 2 hit juggle in air-to-air situations.
[*] You can only juggle into EX moves or Super after wards. I know EX DP juggles but can’t remember if EX Hadouken or Tatsu work.

Command Normals:
[] f+Strong - His overhead since the alpha series. Same animation to it and hits twice.
] f+Fierce - Solar Plexus shot like in ST. You can link into cr.Fierce after wards and the timing isn’t tight at all. You can also link into his target combo after. Same use in the footsie game like in SFIV.
[*] b+RH - It’s the same 2 hit axe kick that he’s had since SF2. Great for meaties and I think you can link into something after wards.

[] His fireballs seem to have longer recovery to them in comparison to SFIV but that’s purely my speculation.
] EX fireball causes a knockdown on hit.
[] Tatsu whiffs on crouching. If you block the first hit or two standing you can switch to crouch block and punish it.
] I think Tatsu goes through fireballs but I can’t remember.
[] I remember seeing a RH tatsu connect at the last few active frames and then Ryu was able to juggle into DP after wards. It’s not really a practical situation but it’s something that might occur.
] Air tatsu trajectories behave similar to Ultra SFIV. They stall you in the air if you try to do it while rising so no air tatsu corner escapes.
[] Based on my testing, you can’t cross up tatsu at all from a neutral jump or even a descending tatsu.
] EX Tatsu behaves similar to SFIV. Air EX Tatsu keeps you stationary in the air just like SFIV. Not sure you if you recover instantly like SFIV.
[] Fierce DP has no invincibility to it at all so it seems like combo/punish material only. I believe it has the fastest start up among the three.
] Strong DP has invincibility on it and will be your primary anti-air tool.
[] Jab DP AA at peak height into EX Fireball doesn’t work anymore. I don’t know if Super connects but I highly doubt it.
] EX DP has invincibility to it and is a good AA as well. Ryu does the Shin Shoryuken animation on his EX DP and it looks like it’s slower on start up.

[] His V-Skill, parry, can only be cancelled into another parry so if someone is doing lights or special/super cancel you’re going to get fucked unless you continue to parry. You don’t have time to block in time.
] A successful V-Skill builds just under 25% of 1 stock of V-Gauge, so parrying multiple hits can net you his V-Trigger quickly.
[] Doing his V-Skill will parry both high and lows without requiring a directional input.
] You can’t parry in the air.
[] You can parry cross ups.
] There is a recovery animation on his parry and it leaves him in a counter hit state. Punishes will be big if your parry is baited.
[] You can reversal parry ie. during block strings or on wake up.
] Parry a jump in and then DP does not work. The opponent has enough time to land and block. The reason for this is because you can’t special cancel out of a parry. This is done intentionally because of the fact that parry is just MP+MK and doesn’t require directional inputs for high or low attacks. It would have been way too good if he could special cancel out of his parry.
[*] It seems like you want to go into light normals and then confirm into special after a parry. Valle was parrying jump-ins and then punishing follow up attempts with light confirms into DP.

[] Ryu basically does the Hadouken animation for his V-Reversal.
] It’s pretty slow on start up and can be easily blocked.
[*] You generally don’t want to V-Reversal against jump-ins but against medium or heavy normals.

[] It adds more stun and damage to his Fireballs and DP’s only. It didn’t power up his Tatsu at all.
] The fireballs are much faster as you saw on the e3 streams. Fully charging them adds more hits to them and causes them to guard crush.
[] You can combo after a guard crush but the post guard crush combo is limited unless close range.
] EX fireball charges the fastest so that’s the one you want to use for guard crush set ups, imo.
[*] The only way to combo into V-Trigger is off of his cr.Fierce. Off of a non-counter hit you want to do cr.Fierce xx V-Trigger, cr.Strong xx Fireball/Tatsu/DP

Target Combos:
[*] s.Strong~s.Fierce~s.RH - His only target combo. No special animations to any of these attacks during the target combo. Can link into it after Solar Plexus (f+Fierce).

[] cr.Short, s.Jab, cr.Strong xx Short Tatsu/Fireball
] cr.Foward xx Fireball
[] cr.Forward xx Short Tatsu, Super
] s.Strong, cr.Strong xx Fireball/DP/Short Tatsu
[] s.Strong, cr.Fierce xx Short Tatsu, Super
] cr.Fierce (CH), cr.Strong xx Fireball/DP/Short Tatsu
[] cr.Fierce xx V-Trigger, cr.Strong xx Fireball/DP/Short Tatsu
] cr.Fierce (CH) xx V-Trigger, cr.Fierce xx DP xx Super
[] f+Fierce, cr.Fierce xx DP xx Super
] f+Fierce, s.Strong~s.Fierce~s.RH
[] f+Fierce, s.Strong, cr.Strong xx Fireball/DP/Short Tatsu
] s.RH (Crush Counter), dash, cr.Jab into something - I didn’t experiment too much with this.
[*] j.Strong (air-to-air 2 hits), EX DP or Super