Vega General Thread: The Masked Narcissist Enters The Tournament

According to one of the final promo trailers, B+HK links into useful stuff again

“Hot” Ryu promo

Maybe we got previous builds Ryu at the end?

-pray for corner EXtatsu and cool chHP-

Looks like Evil Ryu is part of the storyline as well. You guys notice his eye color change?

Yes, but it can be part of the story that he just hold back the SNH

If they introduce E.Ryu, i will like if instead being another char it’s an alternative V-trigger… basically a la Necalli

I mean you can select Denjin VT or Evil VT, but same slot/character

Someone can do a summary of the latest changes on Ryu and known future changes aswell?


There’s a big list of changes from beta 1 to beta 2 in this thread: SFV Buffs, Nerfs and Fixes Thread. UPDATED with new Beta 4 data. White chip damage buffed

Mostly just nerfs and reversions to those how they were before

Thanks @J_ism I wanna check updates from beta 2 to beta 3 and latest build. I played BETA 2 and tried combos on that beta, but some of the combos are no longer available. That’s why I’m asking that.

P.D: Too much nerfs for Little Ryu in the latest build xD

VesperArcade did a video on his notable changes from Beta 1 to 2 plus some stuff from the last stress test.

What do you think about those changes? Is Ryu still being a good option?

cr. lp is the only normal I could find that links after ‘none’ counterhit BH st. hp xx stance switch.
And light CT or EX ASE were the only moves I could find that were cancelable after the cr. lp.

In the last beta we had, you could cancel into c.MP after stance switching, but c.LP is much easier. As a rule of thumb, for Vega, you can only cancel into a move and have it combo if it is of equal strength to the normal being used or less. FBA is the exception to the rule, and GID won’t combo because grab.

Upon further inspection you are correct… cr. lp, st. lp, cr. lk, st. lk, ALL link after non-counterhit BH st.hp xx stance switch!

Firstly, I’m not generally comparing Ryu to Ken in SF4. I don’t know why you’re comparing Ryu and Ken’s mid-range and hit-confirming, literally the only point of comparison was their fireballs.

Secondly, just no, what the heck. You seriously think that Ken’s fireball recovers 16 frames after Ryu’s? Just think about that for a second.

SF4 Ryu’s fireball comes out in 13 frames and recovers 33 frames after that. Ken’s fireball comes out in 14 frames and recovers 34 frames after that. However you came up with that crazy number, it’s wrong. Everything I wrote still stands. 2 frames is the difference between Ryu’s solid fireball and Ken’s riskier one. It’s immediately obvious that Ken’s fireball is not 16 frames slower than Ryu’s.

Having an anti-fireball tool in fireball match-ups is really useful. Fireball wars are a part of any projectile character’s life, and Ryu doesn’t just de-facto win those in any game. Being able to use parry in fireball wars is a substantial asset when facing other projectile characters. Saying “well it has start-up” is not a strong argument when most or all of them appear to have start-up, often substantially more than Ryu’s. I’m not going to go example-by-example as you did, but you’re overselling how good each of your examples is, and most of them are far more limited outside of fireball match-ups generally.

How good Ryu’s parry ends up being depends a lot on it’s properties, but it’s really hard to imagine a situation where it doesn’t become at least occasionally useful in this version of the game built around loose blockstrings. Of course it gets counterhit, everything can get counterhit. DP’s can get counterhit. Throws can get counterhit. Backdashes get counterhit. You can’t press a button without risking that button resulting in you getting counterhit. It’s just a unique defensive option, and like any other option, if you press it at the wrong time, you’ll get punished.

Yes, unfortunately you’re limited to punches though, because kicks do not cancel into anything. Would be a nice bonus to have negative edge cancels into rolls at the very least off light kicks. Then I think you’d be able to do c.MK, c.LK xx l.CT.

if someone wants to post the latest bnbs with any other info ill update the op

So according to Vesper’s video B+Hk can’t be linked out of, that sucks - but we can Dp out of it right, like SF4?
F+Hp we can still link Cr. Mp and St. Mp. Has anyone tested if F+Hp, St. Mp, Cr. Hp is doable or does is the Cr. Hp out of range?
I do remember too at one point St. Mp, Cr. Mk was linkable so that is another option unless they removed that as well, haha.

Ryu really got the hammer.

Last trailer show that bHK into stuff is returned, so probably we have just to wait the next beta at this point

I think evil ryu is such a big character i doubt they will do that. I do believe capcom has added unlockable story characters though. Evil Ryu being one of them. If you notice in the game end quotes most mock ryu for not using the satsui no hado. Now you got this intro that looks like hes about to use it.

Probably an evil Ryu costume(like his alpha one). I wonder if they’d go the full length of giving him different abilities or changing denjin hadoken to metsu hadoken though.

I don’t think it ever went away, I’m pretty sure it just had the frame advantage nerfed to +5. It was +7 briefly during beta 2, meaning you could combo sweep.

b.HK is cool because it stands, meaning you get guaranteed tatsus. You can also do the target combo like in that video, but I don’t think that’s optimal. Tatsu has really great oki and decent corner carry, it seems the ideal combo ender if you aren’t going for damage.

In general, forget comboing into crouching heavy punch at anything but the closest range, it simply doesn’t have the range. If you want to do combos into tatsu, use back heavy kick.