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Hey guys! I put up a Vega hit box video that includes all moves in slow motion. Let me know if you found this helpful. Have fun playing! :slight_smile:
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Vega frame data from the Prima SFV guide

Thank you for this.

Would you mind if I link this thread (or even just embed the video) in the frame data thread’s main post?


If it helps, please do!


I don’t understand why with his long legs, he doesn’t have a long range on his kicks. I’m ok with the hurtboxes being big for that (not that much on fba though ahah what a joke), but come on, the hitboxes are kinda weird. It’s like Vega’s willing to give more chances to get counter hit than to actually hit. At least with the claw on. It makes me feel his normals are also too much a gamble, big risks and low rewards normals, especially against girls characters. It’s hard to dominate a footsies game against Karin or Chun, and even Cammy who has a more wider game of frame traps, or i’d say Cammy can land more things that are safe on block with not so much pushback.

How the hell is Nash neutral jump HK stolen from Claw ?


I was reading the Prima guide and apparently Combofiend’s rationality is that since Vega has a better close range game with claw off, they had to nerf his hitboxes with claw on.

They felt the character would be too strong if he retained his SFIV hitboxes while also being able to play an oppressive close range game. This made him more “balanced”.


Combofiend is a dumb ass and always does this with claw. I’ve written it before and I’ll write it again, if they aren’t going to give him range of good normals then they need to make all his kicks cancel.

For everything he does OK, some does the same much better. Cammy and Chun have long range pokes? Oh they can also cancel those into something? Oh they’re good up close too? Oh they also have 1 button AA for all scenarios? And get off me moves??

Why does claw have to suck again?


Thanks for posting this video @Overheat76

Well, this video definitely helps and explains why regular Wall Dive is whiffing where I think it should hit. I’ve been trying to figure out Vega’s AA game and it seems like preemptive crouching fierce at range and Air Throw are his best options but in the video fierce Aurora’s Edge looks like it covers a decent area above and in front of Vega’s head.


You’re welcome! =)

I’ve found his st.HK to be a really good, if awkward tool. It has a bit of start up and covers an odd spot, but it covers that spot well. It has a good chance of crush countering as well.
Yes, his HP Aurora’s Edge is great at stopping aggressive, point blank jumpers who like to go for quick cross-ups. The only catch is you need to either be looking for it/read it so AE can come out in time.
Also, never underestimate Vega’s forward dash and sweep. Positioning and mobility can be more valuable that a one hit anti-air.
It’s also worth mentioning that the first hit of his LK Crimson Terror is actually a really good anti-air. It’s just insanely difficult to use, but practice makes perfect right?


I hate his C.MK hitbox so fuckin much. Looking at it really repulses me. Like why does it end at his calf and not his foot? It’s nothing game breaking or really worth complaining about. It just really, really bugs me when I see it.



Actually he would be hitting them with his shin which makes perfec sense…not that i like the hitbox and not that other characters don’t hit with the tip of their toes (fucking ryu and ken cmk makes me so mad…is a lot faster and has better range than claw’s cmk and it can combo into hadouken no matter how far it hits…)


I guess you’re right. When I look closely he does a sweeping motion, which would cause the shin to connect. But it just bugged me when I initially saw it.

Maybe mom was right, I gotta stop the pot.


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I dunno man, have you seen some people’s calves? They’re like…uhhh…I wouldn’t wanna get hit with that…

If any of you are interested, I have several other character’s Hitbox videos up. I’m doing my best to get the whole cast done ASAP. Just hit the link to the Vega video, and they are all in the same playlist.
So far I’ve got Vega, R. Mika, Nash, Birdie and Alex.

I’ll also be doing an opinion piece about the hitboxes and I’d appreciate any feedback.