Vega Hitbox Data

I’ve been looking for a way to give back to the community for some time, and this seemed like the way to do it. If posting this is a violation of some rule I missed, please go ahead and delete it.

I’ve taken screenshots from the hitbox data floating around and compiled them here for easy reference. To save time, I clipped just the first active frame from most attacks, unless the hitbox moves or has other interesting properties.

Also, note that this data applies only to hits with the claw on. Hitbox properties for clawless Vega are unknown and unlisted.

The following is taken from the readme file with the videos.


Solid Yellow boxes: This represents the physical space that the character is occupying. These do not represent hittable boxes. It is there so the characters, when both are pressing forward, they cannot pass through eachother. Moves that can pass through the opponent, for example, akuma’s teleport, that yellow area wil lcompletely disappear so he can pass through the opponents yellow area.

Solid Yellow long horizontal boxes: I am not sure what this info represents. But in a lot of moves, it appears on frame 1 of the move’s startup.

Solid Red boxes: This represents the attack’s active hitbox. If this box collides with the opponent’s vulnerable box(explained further down), it will register a hit. The data that is shown inside the red hitbox, is not important, they are values representing range/height/etc… basically, important info for the development team only

Solid Green Boxes: This is considered a Projectile Active hitbox. Same rules apply as the red hitbox when it comes to registering a hit.

Solid Blue hitbox: This is a throw’s active hitbox. If this throw collides with a throw vulnerable box(explained further down) on the opponent, a throw will be triggered.

Green lined boxes: This represents the character’s vulnerable hitbox. If any attack’s solid red hitbox or projectile’s solid green hitbox collides with the green lined box, a hit will be registered.

Blue lined boxes: This represents the character’s vulnerable throwable hitbox. If a throw’s Solid Blue hitbox makes contact with A blue Lined box, a throw will be triggered

Red lined boxes: This represents the character’s vulnerable hitbox, just like the green lined boxes, but it is invincible to projectile attacks(solid green hitboxes).*


Standing Normals

[]st. lp
]st. mp
[]st. hp
]st. lk
[]st. mk
]st. hk - hit one, hit two, hit three

Crouching Normals

[]cr. lp
]cr. mp
[]cr. hp - ?
]cr. lk
[]cr. mk
]cr. hk - part 1, part 2, part 3 - The offensive box does something weird here. During the startup of the slide’s active frames, it’s inside Vega’s hitbox, as seen in part 1. By the middle, however, it’s slid outwards to just a little beyond his foot, as in part 2. At the end of the slide, it’s recessed back into his leg again.

Proximity Normals

[]cl. lp
]cl. mp
[]cl. hp - part 1, part 2
]cl. lk
[*]cl. mk

Jumping Normals

[]j. lp
]j. mp
[]j. hp
]j. lk
[]j. mk
]j. hk

Neutral Jumping Normals

[]nj. lp
]nj. mp
[]nj. hp
]nj. lk
[]nj. mk
]nk. hk - part one, part two, part three, part four, part five

Command Normals

[]Piece of Mercury/df. mk - part one, part two, part three
]Cosmic Heel/df. hk - hitbox stays in the same place, but it follows Vega upwards on his jump arc. Last active frame is right at the apex of his jump, shown here.

Special Moves

Rolling Crystal Flash - Had this one fully done, but the image quality came out bad for the full maps. Other than their startups though, every rcf has the same hitbox properties–the first hit is a small box that starts inside Vega and moves outwards as he rolls forward, all subsequent roll hits have a larger hitbox extending out of his back, and all claw strikes are identical.

Full lp. rcf frame map - first column is startup, second is the roll hit, third is inactive frames before claw strike.

mp, hp, & EX “bounce hit” map

first roll hit
second roll hit
claw strike

In all cases, there are 7 inactive frames between when the roll ends and the claw hits.

Sky High Claw

[]lp. SHC, mp. SHC, hp. SHC (Aren’t you glad you’ve got that claw?)

Flying Barcelona Attack

[]Claw Swipe (all versions)
]EX Knee Hit
[*]Izuna Drop

Izuna Comparison - As far as I can tell from the data, the range on normal and EX izuna is the same. This seems to contradict my own experience, though–can anyone confirm this?

Scarlet Terror

No data exists, sadly. If anyone else finds it, please tell me.

Super and Ultras

]Ultra 1, Bloody High Claw - part 1, part 2, part 3. This one’s interesting, since unlike EX Barcelona the box moves as Vega brings up his knee.
[*]Ultra 2, Splendid Claw - distance traveled with invincibility, vulnerable part afterwards

Please let me know if I’ve made any mistakes, or any links are dead. Hope this helps.

AHHHHHHH thank you very much.
You have made me very happy!

Thanks blue stasis! : )

been meaning to do this since i downloaded it a few weeks ago… just that life’s got a bit too busy

Nice job. One thing that I was a little confused about when watching the vids. For U1, the yellow hit box disapears on the way to YOUR wall. Does this mean you cannot be hit while that yellow box is gone? That would mean that we get invincibility for the start up?

Awesome, thank you for doing this!

Wow It’s nice that you did this.:tup:

Awesome! I’ve beeen searching for this for quite some time!

Green outlined hitboxes are the vulnerable areas to regular hits. We can certainly be hit out of Ultra 1’s startup. The solid yellow box (not the long one) is the part of your body that an opponent cannot move through, I guess it disappears so that you dont get stuck on your opponent as you hit and move past them.

The long solid yellow box is the range at which your opponent will stand still to block the attack instead of walking backwards.

Vega’s SHC and flying barcelona attack make me sad.

Why is the hitbox on them so shitty? Also too bad about the no scarlet terror hitboxes

Wow the jump in Fp. hitbox is as nasty as I thought it was! And now I can finally see the difference between in Jumpin roundhouse and jumpin fierce. We should compare it with Balrogs to see who has the best jumpin for stuffing attacks in the game.

I knew FBA had a nice buff with its hitbox but damn… I didn’t expect it to be that much. And its disapointing to re-confirm that j. HK is hardly ever a smarter choice over j. HP. I seem to stuff alot more moves with j. HK in vanilla even tho everything on paper says otherwise D:
I’ll check the EX Izuna. But since the height of the wall dive has slightly changed and it never stalls or whiffs, its really hard to tell in-game. The regular izuna seems to retain its old hitbox but I’ve never had the oppertunity to actually thoroughly test a EX Izuna without the launch.
Did his SHC got a bigger cross-box? It looks like he did. I also noticed that since the hitbox of BHC’s launch moves his knees moves up does that mean…I whiffs on crouchers from a even closer distance?

Beautiful. I’ll start studying this later on today (I should be sleep now) lol.

This pretty much proves why jumping jab is great for neutral jumping fireballs. Just take a look a the vulnerable hitbox.

I knew it. The claw is just for show… lol look at SHC… man that just makes me cry.

Is there no info on the air throw?

good stuff otherwise!

I wish there was air throw info as well.

Also I believe this thread deserves a sticky

I wonder if that movement of the roundhouse slide makes it more difficult to space it to hit on the last frames so it is safe? If the hitbox recedes then it might make it impossible to hit with the last few frames unless the opponent walks into it (not likely)