Vega is best in what grove?



Just wondering what grove players think vega is best in I think he best in n or c what do you think?


Vega is arguably good in all grooves. I personally think P-Groove is his best because it covers up a lot of his weaknesses, especially when he’s being crossed up. He also doesn’t need to use supers that often, so he can sit on his level 3 or act as battery. I haven’t seen many N-Groove Vegas though. In C, he can still sit on a level 3 and have RC rolls. He doesn’t really need low jump compared to other characters, so airblocking is also very good for him.


Im gonna say p. find vids of makoto on direct connect and see the madness for yourself


Hey man, I think I played you at Tilt yesterday. I didn’t know how to react to your Vega because I’ve never seen anyone play like that except me since a lot of my tactics come Makoto. :smiley:

If I see you again, maybe we can talk some strategies. I’m the only other guy that uses P-Groove at that arcade so I’m no too hard to spot.


Here’s some more detailed stuff on why i think vega is good in p groove.

Low jump - Vega has one of the best low jumps in the game as far as speed is concerned. Its hard to punish it unless you’re expecting it. Couple that with some of the best jump attacks in the game and you got yourself some annoying pressure strings that when landed can lead into more pressure strings that start off of the standing short. This works even better when landed as a counter hit. Empty low jumps lead to super combos (>>super or>s.lp>s.lp>super). Blanka eats the empty low jump to>>rolling claw string. Ok enough of that

Dash- I like vega with dash rather than run because vega already has fast walk speed so I never need to run. The dash also lets you set up more mixups after a knockdown by dashing over them. Also kills the left/right charge of some characters.

Parry - This is pretty simple. vega’s strength seems to be baiting/punishing whiffs and annoyingly poking you. His priority is decent for his best pokes but he cant trade with fools all night - bad stamina. Add the fact that after his claw and mask get knocked off he takes hella bad damage. I think the most in the game. What this means is your defense has to be on point to use vega. What p does is allow vega to maintain his optimal poking range. Parrying allows him to be able to stay in range without being forced out. Fireballs, long range pokes, etc are easier to deal with at optimal range when you have parry. Also against people with customs you dont wanna anti air to much when they jump in so hit forward then p or k. This will parry any attack they throw out and knock them out of the air. If they dont attack they eat the roll claw/flip kick and if they custom you should be able to stop yourself before commiting to an attack but if you attack there’s a high chance it will hit them out of their custom do to the delayed timing in the move.

Of course this all theory from some chump anyways :smiley:



The only thing I hate about playing P-Vega is that he gets guard crushed soooooo fast! It doesn’t help that his guard bar recharges so slowly AND he has a small guard bar to boot because of P-Groove. Other than that, he’s pretty solid.


I’d say P groove would be his best groove. If you could parry well, then you could probably turn any jump in attack into a Rolling Crystal Flash. Normally, you’d have to RC in order to use it against a jump in, but parrying an attack inot it would also work. So, for people who don’t RC… :slight_smile:
Since Vega could connect j hk to s hk (good dam), it would be nice to use short jump for that. That way, you could do that without risking getting DPed as much or something.
Ironic that I use C Vega instead :stuck_out_tongue:


P/C, K, S/A/N


Oh crap…I made a mistake, I dont think you can connect a st. rh after a short jump rh or fp


he’s nasty in c and a. i’ve yet to play a good p groove vega so maybe i’m wrong. what i do know is that his rc claw roll is annoying. i think he’s a pain in a because he always has meter. his custom might not do a lot of damage, but it’s easy to connect and even if he burns it, he’ll just recharge it in 5 seconds and try again.


C,K,P,A,N,S…just my thoughts


best Vega is P he has hop and his parrying makes up for his anti air problems plus with small jump and a level three to sit on hes damn rite scary


It’s not so much that Vega needs parry for anti-air because S.HK and Flip-kick stuff just about anything when timed right. P-Vega is better than the others because of the fact that he has a somewhat reliable defense against cross-ups which is parry. Oh, and K-Vega is about on par with P, IMO.


Whenever I play against P-vega, I poke like a little bitch. Cuz lord knows I’m not about to jump in and give Vega a limb to parry into super.


im a big N groove fan and i love using vega. P groove is nice and all but im mainly an offensive type person. i see P groove as a defensive type groove and vega doesnt seem defensive to me. i think N groove is great because you can power up vega. a powered up vega can be scarry as hell. not to mention that i like using his super combos. but i see where yall comin from with da P groove stuff.