vega is insane

i know, i should be able to beat vega in 10 seconds but its impossible

advice please

funny how i can beat all balrogs though…

tbn, thanks for the help, but i thought it was obvious that my character was blanka

State your character before you ask for advice on matchups. “I can’t beat vega”. With what character? Ryu can SRK him out of the air after a dive, Chun li just has to jump up and lk… Also another reason as to why nobody has bothered with this yet is that Vega is one of the weaker characters, even though he’s been upgraded. Please be more specific. Or you can just go to the wiki.

…need more input. What is Vega doing that causes you so much trouble?

I main Vega and use Blanka as a secondary. The reason why you are having so much trouble is because most Vega players got their asses handed to them in vanilla by Blanka, so they learned the match. The best thing to do is upball his ass anytime he leaves the deck. Also, focus attacks hurt Vega bigtime. Most Vega players (even the good ones) have a issues with doing an izuna to someone who is focus attacking. Also keep the pressure on him because Vega has no real antiair attack besides jump up and throw.

Don’t create a new thread for every matchup related question.

jumping lk stuffs everything he does, so keep jumping with lk. usei t to cross up. Some people say you shouldn’t make new threads when theres already 2 matchup threads, but whatever!

thanks guys

btw i looked up vega in the match up thread and there was noting for him there

So why not post in THAT thread? I don’t get it.

Ninja Turtle boy - Does it really matter? Does it hurt you eyes if he makes a new thread? I swear some of the people on this forum are a bunch of little bitches!

remember this?