Vega J.HP HP to HCF. timing



Hey, anyone else here has trouble linking this move? I can do it maybe 1/30 times… Iono what im doing wrong exactly im charging back as soon as i jump and still am not able 2 cancel the first hit of heavy punch to HCF… if anyone has advice please share :slight_smile:
BTW im stuck on trial 15 -.-


I’m not sure myself when exactly to cancel the cl.hp. I can do the link sometimes but not very consistently.

Which one is trial #15?


it’s not a link,it’s a cancel, just hit the punch just after the first hit of the cl.hp finishes. i do it with negative edge though because it feels better and easier for me.


I never considered doing it with negative edge :open_mouth: I do Bison’s lkx3 xx Scissors using that trick. facepalm why didn’t I think it would work for this.

Thankiiiie <3


So how exactly would u do this with the negative edge trick? i still cant do it :frowning:


This combo becomes free when you doubletap the HP for the RCF.


is there any good reason for this becuz it is kinda of annoyin to do, so i never do it


well the damage is pretty good plus i like doing flash stuff ahah xD so i cancel the H.RCF to c.lp ex barcelona or c.lp x2 heavy st




It’s beautiful damage without EX, it pushes the enemy FAAAR, making it VERY easy to corner your opponent. And on block, it’s one helluva frame trap~
If your execution is good, you can FADC it and link after it for more damage. sHK, or cLP cLPxxEXB.


i guess it is useful :-/


what is this? ive never heard of it before


This -


ok cool, thanks… def aware of that but never knew its name… so this works with this combo? like j.FP, FP (hold) xx FP CF (release)?


wow i had no idea you could do that, and holding fierce makes it easy.

now does anyone have any tips on the fadc-clp link? do i wait until the rcf finishes or do i interrupt?


FADC out of the last hit of the rcf… if im not mistaken you need the hitstun of the last hit of rcf in order to have time to complete the dash into cr.lp


Tried negative edge and it makes this must easier to pull off. I can’t see FADCing out of it -> cr.lp x2 -> EX FBA to be worth it though, I forget the exact damage but it’s not too different from simply doing -> EX FBA after the cl.hp, and takes 3 meter instead of 1. I’d only use it if I had no meter (and just let the RCF finish).


This combo also has an “Oh Shit!” effect, leaving some opt’s stupified and open for xx ex.fba right after… I love when that happens lol, nice damage there.

I never knew negative edge worked in this instance, there’s gonna be plenty of rage quiters cus of this now :badboy: can’t wait.


I’ve gotten pretty far on the Vega trials, but #15 still gives me a hard time–I’m having a hard time going from to l.rcf.

Any recommendations?

I haven’t tried a negative edge yet on the RCF, but I will definitely do that when I get home.


As soon as you j. forward you should already be holding back, try to press your j. in HK as late as possible before you land to make sure you have enough charge to make it easy on you.
While still holding back, on the part make sure you see the full animation of it ending before you press forward and lp together, don’t try to rush the special move before ends, after that the l.rcf should come out completing the trial.