Vega LP combo bug?



Hi, im trying challenge of vega in super street fighter 4, all is ok until challenge 18. the combo is LP, LP, LP,LP and izuna drop . But its praticaly impossible to LP four time without dan blocking the issue ! I tryed everything , every timing , i tried with turbo controller too. It’s curious because with other characters its ok , i can LP four time without dan blocking the combo.

What im doing wrong ? thank you for your help :wgrin:


it’s because you suck! haha. the timing is one frame. i think he’s the only guy that has one frame links for his lp…which sucks…try linking 2 lp first to get the timing down. if he’s blocking, you’re doing it too slow. if your second lp doesn’t come out, you’re doing it too fast. it might help if you double tap the buttons, but that’s uber hard. it’s all about luck now. not even the best players in the world can nail 1 frame links. that’s why there’s plinking. but that doesn’t apply to lp unfortunately…


Wait till trial 24…


LOL its a one frame link tc.


Now that was uncalled for.

Anyway, like everyone else says, It’s a one frame link. Just keep trying until you nail it.
Funny this should come up, since I just did all of Vega’s trials again out of sheer boredom.


The funniest thing is when someone tries to blame the game for their own flaws. A combo bug? Seriously? Just get your timing right kid, that’s all.


Is it a chain until the link to Izuna? Sorry to come into your thread, but I plan on doing Vega’s trials later.


Uhm…AFAIK…his crLP is no longer a 1F…


I’d be very happy to find out it wasn’t. It doesn’t feel like it anymore.


No chain.
Pure one-frame link.