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you can v-skill vega’s wall dive. it’s glorious.

also, ex ball beats his rose.


Vega can be punished after blocked f.HP from half a screen away. At work right now so I can’t test it, but f.HP blocked is -14

I’m gonna theorize that s.HP xx MK/HK scissors or EX scissors would hit?


If s.HP will reach from some ranges, you best bet Vega is gonna get hit.


Psycho reflect to open a round is not a bad idea. I blew one Vega up and put him on notice.


Yup. I’ve been opening a lot of matches with Shadow Axe. Relatively safe, and nets huge damage if you catch your opponent trying to be cute.


If you want to watch some good Vega play, check out Viscant’s replays on cfn.


Vega Data

1,000 Vitality
950 Stun

On loss of mask Vega takes 10% more damage but deals out 10% more damage.
Stun is not affected.

Vega has no reversal that has hit invincibility, not even his Critical Art has hit invincibility.
Ex. Aurora Spin Edge has throw invincibility.

Vega is one of the taller characters in the game. As a result J.LK works as an instant overhead on him.

Noteable normals
S.LP 5 frame start up with okay range, whiffs on crouchers so not going be used much.
S.MP decent poke with 8 frame start up and is +1 on block. Out ranges Bison’s S.MK.
S.HP 8 frame normal thats -2 on block. Not a poke but will likely be used after a jump in as its leads to one of his Target Combo into V-Skill combo’s and is special cancel able.
C.LP 4 frame start up but actually has less range with claw on.
C.MP 6 frame poke with excellent range, faster than Bison’s S.MK and with more range too boot. 0 on block.
C.HP 9 frame anti air. -5 on block, thought its almost never going to be used at a range you can punish.

S.LP 3 frame with okay range, not going be used much as again it whiffs on crouchers.
S.MP 6 frame start up but the lack of range precludes its use as a poke. Its utility is in its special cancel properties.
S.HP 9 frame poke that’s -1 on block. Out ranged by Bison’s S.MK.
C.LP 4 framer with slightly better range the the clawed version.
C.MP 5 framer that’s -2 on block. Lacks the range of the clawed version,
C.HP 9 frame anti air, only -2 on block.

S.LK 3 frame, will be used to interrupt Pyscho Axe follow up pressure.
S.MK 7 frame start up with decent but not amazing range but its +2 on block. Out ranged by Bison’s S.MK.
S.HK 11 frame poke that moves Vega forward and also serves as an anti air. +1 on block, whiffs on crouchers.
C.LK 4 frame normal with okay range, not going be used in footsies.
C.MK 7 frame start up with decent but not amazing range and is also +2 on block. Out ranged By Bison’s S.MK.
C.HK 9 frame slide that’s between -13 and -5 on block.

Command Normals
Mercury Shard (Overhead)
-4 on block.

Buster Claw (F+HP)
13 frame poke with decent range and crush counter properties but -14 on block. S.HP xx Specials is your best punish option here.

Reverse Claw (S.HP ~ S.HP)
Vega’s Target Combo when he has his claw. - 8 on block.

Matador Blitz (S.MP ~ S.HK)
Vega’s Target Combo without claw. Second hit whiffs on crouchers, -3 on block.

Both Target Combo’s can be cancelled into V-Skill which is -13 on block.

Normal Throws
His throw range is considerable less than Bison’s.
Vega gets little meaty pressure off his normal ground throws mid screen if you use normal recovery. Vega can do a meaty Buster Claw and due to spacing it will be safe, but you can use Pyscho Axe to get in on him in return.
If he follows up with a dash from his forward throw he’s at -4. If he jumps following his forward throw you have time to anti air him.
Off a back throw he’s -9 after a forward dash.
After an air throw forward dash he is -5.

Flying Barcelona Attack
Now safe on block coming in at between +1 and +2 while the EX version is between +3 and +4 on block

Izuna Drop
After a normal Izuna Drop dash forward Vega is -5 against opponent who uses normal recovery.
EX. Izuna Drop leaves Vega at -3 in the same situation.

Crimson Terror
LK is -6
MK is -7
HK is -8
EX is -2

Aurora Spin Edge (Claw Only)
LP -7
MP -6
HP -4 (whiffs on crouchers)
EX -2 completely throw invincible.
Due to push back all of these moves are safe on block. Bison can not punish them.

Grand Izuna Drop (Hand Only)
All 6 frame start up.
The normal version leave Vega at -3 if he dashes forward after this and the if the opponent uses normal recovery.
Using EX which does the most damage and has the most range, leaves Vega +2 on after forward dashing against opponents who use normal recovery.

Unlikely to be used outside of his Target Combo’s to build his V-Trigger as its really designed as an anti projectile tool. If used as a poke its -13.

Vega back flips away from his opponent. Excellent mid screen, but useless if Vega is corner trapped. Unlike all other V-Reversal, this has full invincibility, not just hit and projectile, meaning Vega can not be thrown out of it.

Anti projectile and combo extended Rose projectile that’s safe on block (-2)
As mention in an above post Vega can not use this to get through Ex.Pyscho Blast as even though the Rose will hit Bison Vega’s follow up attack will be stuffed by Blast.
The other versions are for anti air and air to ground attacks.

Critical Art
Bloody Reign is -14 on block.

Long and the short of it, Vega with Claw will win the neutral game but Bison has a range advantage on his pokes if Vega is without claw, although you still have to deal with his superior walk speed which is second to none. Without Claw Vega becomes less of a threat at range but more of a threat up close with the command throw.
If you block his S.MK or C.MK resist the urge to press a button as Vega is +2 on block.
Vega’s anti airs are situational, if you come in from a 45 degree angle with J.HP either side of his head you will stuff his S.HK and C.HP, Vega will have to go air to air in these situations.
HP Aurora Spin Edge works as anti air but its 12 frame slow start up means Vega will need to make a read with this.
His main weakness is his lack of reversals, you never have to fear even his Critical Art, if you can corner him he has to take the pressure.


Played a Platinum Vega today in ranked. Had 4 games with him.

You will find the other 3 matches on my channel.


Only thing I can do is cLP x LP Blast doesn’t do enough damage and I still don’t understand what I’m supposed to do after blast hits. I just manhandled by a vega. I was stuck blocking with random throws here and there. At a brick wall with bison and getting frustrated.


I’m a Super Platinum Bison struggling against every other Vega out there. What the hell am I supposed to do against this bastard? His command grab is the absolute worst. It’s almost even scarier than Mika’s. And don’t even get me started on his wall dives! Even if I guess right and block the damn thing (that is, if he wasn’t attempting to grab me in the first place), he seem quite safe on recovery. Fuck the bastard who decided to make him a motion character. I’m really salty!!!


The command grab doesn’t do that much damage compared to a regular throw, just take it and return to neutral. The wall dives, just slide under. It doesn’t get you anything but it does not get him anything either. I also sometimes challenges their wall dives with j.LP but if they hit early in the air it gets beat. However, it’s unlikely they will do so, so you can do that and when they get wise to it you just return to sliding under the wall dives to escape safely.

It’s a tough matchup because of Vega’s superior footsies and godlike walkspeed but if you play patient and wait for Vega to hang himself doing something stupid like a random slide, you can start pressuring and he can’t really deal with that.