Vega Match Up Thread



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Dont try to outfootsie him, he’ll win. That said, fireballs and jumping in should generally do well vs him. And Guile seems to have plenty of anti-airs to deal with jump shenanignas.


I’ve played a lot of this match and it feels pretty even. Guile can frustrate him but Vega has very good potential once he’s got the upper hand. Vega has to take a lot more risks though, so over the course of time this might be in Guile’s favour.


Does anyone know a reliable counter to vega’s flying barcelona? FK and cr. HP whiffs or loses outright if he is behind you or directly above you.


j.MP, j.FP, and air throws can all work with the proper angles and timings. Probably less risky to just dash or bazooka knee out of the way though.


JWong vs. ROM

Clearly ROM doesn’t know the match-up, but could still be useful.