Vega Match-Ups Thread: I Only Understand the Pain of Being too Strong and Beautiful

Title speaks for itself. We can use this thread to discuss match-up specific things. When we get enough info, I can compile all of that said info in edit this first post with all the new data.

That’s gonna be a lot of work man. Appreciate you volunteering. I’ll definitely try and contribute here - and maybe make videos of match-up knowledge that isn’t common.

I’m not going to post detailed match analysis, because I’m in no way as skilled as you guys, but I’ll contribute with whatever I find is particularly effective in a certain matchup.

I’ll start with Mika: At first, I had some problems because her st.MK and st.HK buttons overpowered easily and with a lot of consistency my crouching attacks that I used to mount an offensive at mid-close range, like (claw on) cr.LP and cr.MP. However, once I started using (claw on) st.MP at max distance, I realized how utterly it ruined any button Mika tried to use. So, with ground dominance ensued, she was forced to jump, but not at a close distance where she could have been more troublesome, but from outside (claw on) st.MP range, and that meant that (claw on) cr.HP, MP ASE (timing it so she lands on the tip), or other simple options would get her mostly on the ground.

I put some stuff up, but imma wait to repost due to possible changes

Yeah, it’s kind of hard to do this at the moment until we start actually playing the game.

So just based off beta experience alone, who do we feel is Claw’s worst match-up at the ‘moment’?

I don’t know about worst, but I struggled against R.Mika, Laura, and Karin the most. Birdie was tough until I started spamming ASE on him and not jumping at all. A lot of matches I’d do ok in, or go about even. Those 3 I usually lost exclusively. Rashid could be a huge pain in the ass, but most Rashid players I played against would teleport a lot, so it was difficult to do anything in the first place. Same with most of the Laura players I played against.

I struggled the most against Chun-Li, Mika, and Birdie. Really need those matches out when the game drops. I found Rashid to be really easy on the other hand.

I struggled A LOT against Ryu, but also Nash and Karin would be a nightmare if they got me cornered.

Pretty much everyone was a nightmare once I was cornered.

Chun definitely seems like a nightmare match-up vs Vega right now. Obviously, you never know what things are going to look like when the game drops, but I don’t think I beat a single Chun with Vega. Not to say I ran into many, but I found that match very challenging.

Might come down to choosing a stance to stay in for the majority of the match.

Yea, for me personally it was Mika, Nash, & Karin.

Mika can’t really get in until you mess up, V-Skill rapes her charged HK. Your buttons are better overall. Probably not the greatest example since this was the first time I used Vega, but yeah. I feel most matches should go how it did. If you fuck up and get knocked down you can just die. Play solid and she should lose.

Yeah, I’m starting to think against grapplers, it might be better to try jumping over them during wake up. If they try to tick, you can v.reversal out of the setup, back tech, or jump. If you jump over, you not only get out of the corner, but if they went for meaty command like in your match, they’re open to a neutral reset at worse and possibly being punished at best.

I wish I had more matches against Mika players on good connections, but I had a pretty shitty experience in the betas especially since the network quality filters were not working right.

It’s definitely too early to talk about bad matchups - but I’d predict Zangief being one of the worst match-ups for sure. It’s gonna be really difficult to pick away at his health bar - and on the contrary, he can play his grappling game with much less to fear against Vega.

Just so you all know, instant overhead with j hp is still a thing in this game. I’ve tested it against Birdie and Zangief. Don’t think it works on anyone else right now.

[quote=“RagingStormX, post:16, topic:177721”]


That guy is playing a castrated Zangief.


Anyway, Gief’s jumping MK is pretty hard to anti-air without getting a trade or beaten completely. I don’t even know if it’s possible to anti-air it cleanly at all. They gave him a tanden and an air grab, that’s what makes him scary.

I made a vid of that some time ago. You can also do it with instant jumping LK which is a little safer cos you can jump away and do it.

Yeah, but does it have enough hit stun to reset, or are you at a disadvantage because you still have to land?

You’ll be punished for sure (skip to 1:45):