Vega Meaty s.HK after air reset



Vega sHK usually wiffs on crouching opponents but if you manage to land it meaty it will hit crouching opponents, and since the opponent cant tech an air reset it makes for a deadly mixup opportunity.


nice sHK



I did not know this! Thank you so much! I really appreciate this video.


this is amazing, thanks for sharing.


Wow this is great to know, thanks for sharing!


like me.


@ugo_2u as far as I know, if they wake up with a crouch button Vega will get counterhit…as it causes the st.HK to whiff entirely. If they just crouch block though, the st.HK connects.


@af0 Yeah, I tried this over and over in the Chun matchup whenever I’d BH cr.HP anti air her lighting legs but my buddy kept mashing on cr.jab which counterhit my s.HK attempt. Chun can then confirm into some nasty counterhit combos. Probably more useful against characters with slow crouching lights who are less likely to spam them to get out of pressure.


I would think it wouldnt work against Ken either since they keep spamming lk tatsus now which are also 3f moves.


Dude this wouldn’t work on someone pressing cr.MP, forget about lights… I’m surprised people didn’t make a note of this months ago. Op needs to delete video and this thread.


So, do we get anything off of anti-air BH cr.HP? Or do we just go back to neutral (which would be a bummer)?


As far as i know, we just go back to neutral(which is a bummer).


bummer. :bawling: