Vega Mirror Match Training

:tup:I am looking to do some training against some Vegas. I want to better my Vega by maybe picking up some new moves or strategies from some of you other Vega players. I am moderatley good with him. I am not so good at combos, but I am very good at strategigizing with Vega, witch wins me most of my matches. I’m in the US, Orlando, Fl. I’m on the PSN, and my screen name is Kabuto_Y
I think we as Vegas need to play eachother to come up with stronger fighting styles. We will be basically learning from eachother. I AM NOT TRYING TO PROVE THAT I AM THE BETTER VEGA!!! I just want us ALL to grow as brothers!! Hit me up any time, and we can go a few rounds :smokin:
We’ve gotta strengthen up as a whole!! :woot:

Lol thats what one of the things VEGAS LIST is for bro … you should have added all those Vegas on the list and practice with each other and ull get to know everyone and getting better in the process…No chump Vegas on the list…all top notch…also its good to share some of your mirror battle experiences with the other Vegas there. hope that helps

As for me ive cleaned out my closet…deleting anyone in my friend list i dont know…All VEGA LIST…from top to bottom …makes everything so much easier…you may want to do the same :slight_smile:

Ha! I know, but those guys aren’t really responding, so I figured I’d approach it another way. :slight_smile: Yea, I did that today. Working towards a better claw