Vega needs sparring partner



I’m a Vega players brushing up on matchups , I need a few scary good Abel to throw down with and over PSN. If we have a decent connection, hopefully we can run a ft20

PSN id: Supreeme_Allah
I’m located in San Diego CA.
I play from 8-1030pm PST on weekdays
2-9pm on Sunday


Hey, if you dont find other abel players here I would love to run a set with you. Keep in my mind im in New Jersey.

PSN: Fighter21


I’m a rank B+ Abel player closing in on 12000. If you wanna spar, my PSN is Mrb20028 or you can add my clan account SHFC_Telly_204. I won’t hold back!! :slight_smile:


Lets play in person instead of online. Come make it out to weeklys.

I dont play abel but there are people who do. and one of the best vega players ever frequents our sessions


I would love to do that as long as we live in the same region or area. lol