Vega on pad



Hello every1, i’m a newbie Claw and having some problems with doing combo on gamepad. When i try cl.HP > cr.MP xx EX Flying Barcelona, i can link easily but then Vega fly away my opponent instead of kicking him into exFB. I turned on data input in training mode and see that i did right combo, but i can’t understand why the matador fly to the opposite direction. Please help me :frowning:


because you’re not pressing forward after inputting ex barcelona


When i press up-forward he do scarlet terror lol


You can go db to ub, kk, f or db to u, uf, kk


Late response: If you’re having trouble hitting up-forward accurately, what you can try doing for the ex-walldive is to pop the direction straight up like its a flash kick, then as part up the same motion move it up-forward.

This works because the game will decided which direction Vega flies a little bit after the move begins. This is why if you go for a forward EX-walldive and the opponent starts an ultra at the same time, you will see Vega flashing yellow during the ultra freeze and you can still change your mind to hold up-back to fly away.


best to do db, ub, df, kk

reason for the ub is so that you can’t possible get a ex st by accident
reason for the df at the end is so that if you missed your cancel, or you don’t have enough charge, you won’t jump straight into your opponent.