Vega Option Selects?



I haven’t played for a good few months, but now I’m trying to get back into the game. I read something in the Q&A thread concerning OS’s but I wasn’t sure that those were solid known ones.

So, What are Vega’s current Option Selects and how are they executed?


His option selects are…

Hmm… Anyone?


lately i’ve been adding in these normals to my jump-ins (especially safe jump-ins) to perform option selects. it’s kind of neat. you’re basically able to catch people who are backdashing by using the following normals:

  1. st.hp - my personal favorite since it tends to be safe
  2. - gets you a knockdown, but can also be unsafe in specific situations (like against characters who can crouch your safejump)
  3. - works as well but why not just use st.hp?
  4. cr.hp - lets you keep a db charge but only works on certain characters with crap backdashes (sagat for example)

the execution looks something like: [jumping normal ~ option select normal.]

note: the jumping normal must be pressed relatively low in the air, almost at the end of your jump

the basic concept is that if your normal whiffs, (which it will if the opponent tries to backdash) your option select normal will come out as soon as you land and the opponent will get hit. but if your normal gets blocked, then the option select normal will not come out due to the fact that you put the opponent in blockstun and therefore messed around with the timing involved

to get into more detail, there are times when you should choose not to use these option selects. on balrog for example, if you option select off the and he wakes up with EX headbutt, its startup is so long that your st.hp/ or whatever will come out as his EX headbutt does and you will get hit consequently

i’ve hit c.viper out of her EX seismo with a slide option select off a safe jumpin, but i’m pretty sure she can cancel out of it, block in time, and then proceed to kill me

therefore i feel that against certain characters, these option selects should be used sparingly.

on some characters like sagat however there seems to be virtually no risk in option selecting off your safe jumps since you will be able to block the reversal tiger uppercut before any of your moves actually come out

you can also try performing these option selects after pressing cr.lp on someone’s wakeup, [media=youtube]tnXYcNgLE5M#t=02m34s[/media] (2:34). i’m still trying to master the timing for this one.

btw i’ve tried using cosmic heel as an option select but i don’t think it really works as one.


Oh, is it cLP? For some reason I was trying the exact same thing, but with cMP a little early. And then I guess you can buffer an ex walldive after you input the sweep? So in case the jab does hit, you’ll get a decent damage combo.

You know Tatsu, I’ve actually been using sHK after the safejump if it whiffed. I never really thought of it as an option select, but I had some decent luck with it because it’s so fast, but sHP never crossed my mind, it sounds much better.


Late df.rh (Cosmic Heel) throw option select. Very vital for Claws close range game. Puts opponent at a 50/50 guessing game with kara throw/df.rh. Similar to Rufus/Cammy dive kick shenanigans.


Just reiterating what Tatsu said about using option selects sparingly on certain characters. Even though you’ve safe jumped, a wakeup move that whiffed could have lengthy active frames that punish your option select. When I safe jump on characters like Blanka or Zangief for example, I usually just stick to the normal mp and try my best to confirm a hit before following up, because lariat and electricity will still punish anything else.

Also, you can OS backflip as well, instead of an attack. It’s not too useful but who knows maybe someone can think of a good reason for it. The best thing I can think of is to create space for punishing the type of moves I listed above (lariat, electricity etc).


could someone explain the button presses for these option selects?

I get the general crouch throw tech, but i’m not following these ones…


When safejumping after a back throw you can use option select df+hk to catch some of the wider characters backdashing. Works at least vs Gief, Honda, Sagat, Gouken, Rufus and Abel with this particular safejump setup.