Vega player, what type of joystick do you use? Ball top, Bat top, Pad, Telekinesis?

I’m an alright (online) Vega, I usually do well, and when I lose, it’s either because the other player is very good, or I don’t get the inputs that I want. It seems like Vega’s ultra 1 only comes out when it wants to.

I’m using a Marvel TE with the original balltop, I’ve just ordered a bat top, and I’m hoping that it will solve the hit or miss Vega inputs.

I was wondering what your thoughts were on the bat top vs ball top.

To be honest, I don’t believe it would make a lot of difference unless you feel more comfortable holding a bat.

I imagine a lot of us here use balltops and would probably have the same input trouble with a bat.

At the end of it, to solve input problems it’s just practice practice practice until you have the memory to do them correctly.

I use the Hori: Real Arcade Pro, It has a ball top and I like it. Ultra 1 feels a little foreign to me now with U2 being used a lot more (for me any way)

i have a bat top with an octagate. i think the original set up was better for vega. but im used to playing american arcades so i modded it.

I get the feeling that the bat top part might be better for vega at least…

I’m really only having troble with the left side Bloody high claw, I guess I should just practice it…

I use a ball top and get ultra 1 almost 100% so no it has nothing to do with it. Just practice its not all going to just come to you right away. I hate bat tops and I wouldn’t invest in something for one move on one side of the stage that is an easy fix. Although if you are playing good players there should be very few situations that this ultra will even matter.

Well that’s the thing, ultra 1 wins a lot of matches with good players, it’s super fast and hits full screen. I can do it 100% of the time on the right side, but even after all of my practice, it feels very jittery on the left side… I’m going to try out ultra 2 for now, we’ll see how it goes, but ultra 1 is where the money is at.

i too prefer ultra 1 the fear of it is great and keeps the opponent are bay.

Real men use XBox controllers :smiley:

I use the xbox guitar hero controller.

Ok this is getting away from the point of this thread. I hope you have gathered the info to make a decision. Just remember it’s not the arrow its the Indian unless you use a modified sega pad.

You should NOT be relying on an ultra to win you matches. Especially when Vega’s are so difficult to setup.

I too use Ultra one because I’ve so far found more uses for it than 2.

At the end of it, the type of top you use really shouldn’t make a difference because it’s more down to wrist movement and how well you’ve memorized to hit the exact corners of the gate that you need, I’ve pinned it so that I know I am hitting every single corner I need before throwing out for the triple kick. Just practice the motion over and over in training mode and if you’re on stick, you do know you don’t have to completely rush the input out right?

nope. bat top makes no difference other than the way you hold the stick. any grip you can do on the bat top (like the one only grip you can actually do), you can do on a ball top.

My point was, Ultra 1 hits from basically anywhere and is almost always a suprise to the other player. If I’m down at the end of the match against a fireball character for eample, and the other player already knows how to deal with my ranged pokes, ultra 1 may be the only way to win.

I know how to play, I know how to use Vega.

Despite what you guys are saying, I think as someone who hasn’t invested years into using a balltop, a bat top will make a slight difference in the long run. Obviously to a practice player who hits it every time, it won’t matter, but the grip and non-circular angles will allow for better speed and accuracy while hitting the corners, making BHC more usable on reaction.

If you think about it, it really doesn’t make sense that the joystick standard is a balltop, the design is fundamentally flawed. None of you are going to agree with me, because like you guys said, it doesn’t really matter once you’re practiced, it’s just a pointless addition to the learning curve IMO.

It’s a smooth ball that’s too small which turns at the stick. Maybe it’s just my big sweaty hands lol…

Edit: @ Francy, I realize that, but I think I should be able to rush it if the match calls for it.

Edit 2: Another quick question, on my marvel stick, both the balltop and the actual stick are spinning seperately, is that suppose to happen? I don’t recall seeing that on any of my past sticks.

The Balltop and shaft COVER spin apart from each other, yes. I actually wear a thin black glove (the cheapy $2 pair you’d get at a Walmart) on my left hand when I play to stop the ball from spinning. I should probably get rid of it, but it gets cold in my house and I just got used to it so I can’t really play without it without feeling weird. Just a quirk for me, but we all have em.

Fundamentally flawed, pointless addition? What? How so? I guess you could try taking the shaft cover off to see if that helps you.

But ya… I don’t really think a bat is going to help you all that much in terms of execution. Your fingers/wrist are still going to miss that ultra if you can’t do it on a ball. Idk, maybe you can prove me wrong.

To elaborate on the spinning, yes, it should be happening. It’s the cover and not the shaft spinning because the shaft is attached to the balltop via screw on. Does it work like this on other sticks? Not a clue, TE’s my first tbh.

Dude, you just said that you use a glove to stop the ball from spinning.

A battop doesn’t spin by design, hence, balltop being fundamentally flawed.

But either way all of you guys are right, if I’m missing the corners, then I’m missing the corners. I just think the shape of the bat automaticallly makes the corners easier to hit. I keep foregetting that we’re all different, and at the very basic level, we all have different size hands and sitting postions, I guess it was a dumb question to ask overall lol.

The shaft cover, balltop and shaft are alll spinning seperately. Maybe its broken…

Edit: Wait, by shaft cover, do you mean the actually stick that we see? Or the little round thing at the bottom?

I wear a glove because it’s less friction between my fingers and the ball which stops spinning. What’s your point? It’s not really a flaw. Do bat’s even use shaft covers? Take it off and see if it reduces the spinning. Idk if it’s spinning because you’re not actually gripping the ball or you’re gripping the shaft or w/e.

The round thing is the dustwasher. THE BLACK SHAFT IS THE COVER, not the actual shaft. The shaft should be metal.

I’m so fucked up… take what I say with a grain of salt. I think I’m going to bed.

LordofUltima does a little stick modification here:

Maybe that’ll help clear things up. Somewhere he actually goes in there and takes the balltop and shaft cover off. If you planned on doing this, it’s a decent reference.

Bat tops have a natural grip, they arent smooth like ball tops.

No unwanted spinning, which is a flaw in the ball design. The learning curve additon of learning how to keep it from spinning is taken out too

Maybe you should switch to a bat top lol

The ultra input can be rushed, yeah, but you do have ample time to get it down so you don’t cut corners is what I’m saying.

The balltop does NOT spin, it will move around if you actually grab the ball and twist. the free-spinning you’re getting is off the shaft cover, that isn’t the actual thing spinning, it’s just the cover because it;s not glued on to the actual stick itself, it’s just there to cover it.
Unless of course the ball is loose, it will start to spin back and unwind. Which you can easily fix by going inside, getting a flathead screwdriver and tightening the bottom.
the round thing at the bottom is a dustwasher, it is meant to be free-spinning, as is the cover over the stick.

I also find Seimitsu balltops have a lovely grip to them, their LS bubbletop range are delicious on the fingers.