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[Special Moves]

Rolling Crystal Flash (Rolling Claw Attack)
Not much to say about this attack does decent chip damage.

Flying Barcelona Attack & Izuna Drop (Wall Dive and Throw)
Vega dives at his opponent after jumping off the wall. Press the joystick left or right and a Punch button when you’re close to grab them. If you press Punch at any other time while diving, Vega will attack by spreading his arms.

This move is not as fast as it was in Super Turbo, so your opponent has more time to react to it, but you have more control over when and where you fly, which is a pretty decent trade off. You can still use this move to cross up your opponent as well.

Sky High Claw (Aerial Claw Attack)
Vega’s Sky High Claw is much improved from previous version. It’s faster and not as easy to punish if blocked.

Scarlet Terror (Flip Kick)
This move has really good priority against air attacks. Use it when other players jump in at you.

Claw Throw
This will make Vega throw his claw at the other fighter. Once thrown, you have to walk over the claw to pick it back up.

Flip Back
Vega flips away from his opponent. The punch version of this move lasts a little longer and causes Vega to hop further back.

Saving Attack
You stand straight for a brief moment in which you’re invulnerable to some attacks, and then you quickly stick out your claw. Vega’s recovery from this move is VERY fast, so you can combo into some other moves with this Saving Attack making it very useful.

[EX Moves]

EX-Rolling Crystal Flash (Rolling Claw Attack)
This move does great block (chip) damage.

EX-Flying Barcelona Attack & Izuna Drop (Wall Dive and Throw)
This move hits once on the way to the wall and then again when he’s coming down. Because of the speed of this move, it CAN be used in combos. It is not an effective anti-air move though.

EX-Sky High Claw (Aerial Claw Attack)
The EX-Sky High Claw hits three times, and comes out a bit faster than the normal version.

EX-Scarlet Terror (Flip Kick)
This move has really good priority against air attacks. Use it when other players jump in at you.

[Super and Ultra Moves]

Flying Barcelona Special & Rolling Izuna Drop (Super Wall Dive and Throw)

Bloody High Claw (Ultra Wall Dive and Throw)

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[Claw Videos] (Just give me the link and i will post them.)

VS Ryu

VS Ken

VS Guile

VS C.Viper

VS E.Hoda

VS M.Bison

VS Zangief

VS Claw(Ditto)

VS Sagat

VS Chun li

VS Rufus

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EX wall dive looks like an option for dealing with the dive kick(it can combo on jump), but I also dont know its priority. Also his 3 punch backflip :confused:


Anyone know what Vega’s new DP motion special is? It’s listed on the JP website.


nice to see that E.Honda was the one who gave him the most trouble :wink:


Hmm, can Balrog use his backflip :k::k::k: at the right timing to dodge the Dive kick and counter with a crouching attack, special attack or EX wall jump?


Heh yep, he throws his claw at the opponent. You have to walk over to where it landed and pick it back up to get it back.


Ok… I assume damage/hitstun is crap and it’s largely a taunt?
I also see from vids he has both of his A3 RHs again - the lunging step kick, and the overhead heel kick.

He also has that new close double slash. Which of his old moves does this replace?


i seen that before but is it useful?


I love it! :rofl:

Even if it does little damage, maybe it can be used to take an opponent out who has practically no health left (like Dudley’s rose) just to add a little insult to injury.


I don’t know if it’s useful, probably not. Without his claw he loses considerable range on his attacks.



also can it be used to block ranged attacks?


Right, I’ve gotten about 40 or so matches in with claw. However, I kinda suck, so my win percentage is about 20% right now.

Firstly, I haven’t played any good Rufus players, as the level of competition is… well, kinda average over here.

In terms of using the EX walldive as an anti-air. Just… no. It seems to get beaten by practically everything. However, I’ve found it useful as a relatively safe “psychic” punish against jumps so long as you hit them early.

Right, new moves.
The double slash is just close HP, seems relatively safe, however, again, it could just be that nobody here is punishing it.

Overhead heelkick is df.MK, doesn’t seem to combo into anything, but is pretty safe.
Lunge kick is df.HK, and is a launcher of sorts. So that means you can combo a s.MP or an EX walldive off of it. The s.MP resets though.

Also, in terms of combos, c.MK can combo into the LP crystal flash, and the EX walldive. So yes, J.HP c.MK xx EX walldive is entirely possible, and it is perhaps the most satisfying thing ever.

Sky high claw seems way better than it did in ST or a3. Seems to beat a large number of things. EX version hits three times, and goes through the opponent when it hits. If blocked though, you bounce off at a bit of an awkward angle.

Haven’t tested the flipkick much, so no real info right now.

Hopefully will get some more games in today, so more info as it comes.


Thanks for the info!!!
Can i quote this on the first post?


Abosultely, but again, this is coming from a very very low-level player. So I’d take it all with a grain of salt.


How about the Izuna and Barcelona themselves? Can they be EX’d at all, or is it just the walldive? Does the Izuna still have a good reach, and does the Barcelona still crossup from right on top?

Does the Sky High Claw still shoot across at different heights depending on punch used?


Thanks for the info Sev. Does his Charge :db: then :r:+:k: juggle like in SFII?


Actually does less damage on attacks too.


The Izuna and Barcelona themselves cannot be EX’d, but both do more damage, regardless of whether claw hits them on the way up or not. Another thing worth noting, is that when you hit a cornered opponent with an EX walldive, it’s difficult to “catch” them with an Izuna. Midscreen it gets much easier.

Not entirely sure about barcelona crossing up from the top, but it seems to.

Sky high claw still goes at different heights, but all are relatively low compared to their A3 counterparts (I can’t recall the sf2 heights off the top of my head). The highest (lp) seems to pass through the middle of the screen, while the hp version seems to hit most standing opponents in the chest. EX version comes out really quick, and seems to have the height of a MP or HP version.

I can’t get it to juggle. EX version doesn’t seem to juggle either. I’m going to see what I can manage to do with a SA canceled version though.

Edit: Updated a few things


Do you know if it’s possible to combo his Ultra or Super? Also how’s his throw range? Can you cancel out of the Roll into combos? Thanks for all the info so far.


Throw range seems decent from what I’ve seen. In terms of comboing into super or ultra. I haven’t been able to find anything. SA -> Crumple -> Ultra doesn’t work because the ultra goes clear over them.