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-Flip kick doesn’t juggle at all. Several people tried to do it and none of them could get it to hit.

-Claw DESTROYS Fuerte so badly. Better air game, and all of Fuerte’s run games are nullified by backflip. Once Fuerte is in the air, just PPP or KKK and all of Fuerte’s attacks fall right through him. Really bad matchup for the mexican.

  • f+HK, his little jumping straight kick, pops people into the air, and with charge partitioning, you can hit that and then EX walldive.

-it seems you can dash cancel claw’s roll during any hit. It’s a really good tactic to take advantage of if you want to dash in and throw someone.


Ack, can’t believe they removed one of Balrog’s basic combos, oh well no biggy, I’ma still use the sexy Spaniard.


Can i add this to first post?

also is Claws slide still the same?


This sounds sooooooooooooo good. Can he still do j.forward c.forward c.strong link from ST? Or are his combos completely different now?


I’ve got no problem with claw losing his juggle seeing as I can never do it in ST, anyway, lol. That sucks about Fuerte’s matchup though.


One quick correction. The command is actually df+HK, so no partitioning at all is required to hit them with an EX walldive.



don’t know about claw’s slide cuz I don’t play him. I’m just reportin based off of what I’ve seen from other players that I play against.


I Post it on first for very lazy people who dont what to check a thread for info.


One question. Does Vega have his Flying Bacelona Special AND Just the Rolling Izuni Drop as a super or its jsut the latter?


After watching some videos are were sure it’s impossible to combo off of the flip kick? I recently saw a Ryu video where Ryu did EX Shoryuken cancel Ultra and it comboed. If you cancel the flip kick like Diago did the Shoryuken you’d think it’d be possible to get some kind of follow up hit.


That’s a good idea. Flip Kick->Ultra maybe? Ultra startup is pretty big, but then it flies through the screen really fast, so maybe, maybe it’s possible.


I haven’t been able to SA cancel the flipkick at all, just a FYI.


I don’t get why you would be able to do it with Shoryuken and not Flip Kick. Maybe it has to be EXed? I dunno, I’m not being so useful but if Lovegety in Toronto gets their hands on SFIV anytime soon you’ll bet I’ll go there and bring back as much info as I can.


I’m guessing it’s because Flip Kick only hits when Claw is already airborne, and SA obviously requires characters to be grounded (like first hit of Shoryuken).
That’d also explain why they considered the rolling attack as grounded for this game, when it’s usually airborne, so he’d have something to SA cancel.


Anyone got any thing on his Match ups?


Few things I fogot to mention.

Ultra, EX Sky High Claw, and EX Flipkick all go through fireballs.

Dictator’s EX Headstomp destroys walldives so hard it’s not even funny. (Mind you, it could have been the player as well, this guy had a 96% win percentage)

Guile’s c.FP also beats walldives pretty hard it seems. Mind you, I can usually either beat or trade with most grounded attacks, but I was losing cleanly to that pretty much every time.

In terms of SA cancelling, the only thing I’ve been able to cancel is the roll, and even then, besides a dash up throw, I can’t really see any use to it.


Right, 3 important things I seemed to have missed.

Firstly, you can link a c.Mp from a c.Mk relatively easily.

Secondly, YOU CAN CANCEL c.Mp! Yes, this means j.Hp, c.Mk, c.Mp xx EX walldive is entirely possible, but won’t connect if your opponent is crouching, or especially short.

Finally, it is indeed possible to double flipkick someone if one of the flipkicks is EX’d. If I recall correctly, it has to be the second flipkick (I can’t pull off the juggle for the life of me, my execution kinda sucks.)



I saw that after that new double slash normal a player linked something (st. MP?) after it… is there more you could do? cr. MP into something?


his ultra looks like it can punish a fireball easily is that the case?


Considering that:

And since it’s pretty fast, I’d say yes.


WOHA! That’s really awesome! I mean, I would be happy if c.Mp were cancellable, or if you could link c.Mk to c.Mp, or if EX walldive could combo… But we get all of them! Although I’ll play Vega as always, poking and annoying my way through victory, having the possibility to land a big combo if I see the opportunity is a very big plus.

Also, thanks to the c.Mk->c.Mp link, storing enough charge for the EX walldive (or flipkick, if that’s possible) will be much easier. Maybe he can do Saving attack->dash cancel->c.Mk->c.MpxxEX walldive without charge partitioning? If you start charging right after the dash (inputting something like :r::r::df: or even :r::df:) I think it might be possible, but of course I won’t know until someone tests it.