vega ryu matchup



I don’t really have problems with other characters but when I do beat ryu it’s by a thread, does anyone have any tips for vega vs ryu?


I wish I could help you but I struggle so much with defensive ryus. I could use any advice because I really am lost with how to approach this matchup as well

Above are a set of ranked matches I had with a Ryu. Neither of us are very high rated. Here are my concerns

  1. claw or clawless? I don’t really know what to go with here. Claw gives u range but I can’t get much off of cr mp punishes in this mode. Also I feel as if the anti air is lacking in claw. However if I go clawless I feel as if I can get zoned out by fire balls. If I jump over from far I eat st Hk or dp. If I jump from sweep range I eat dp

  2. threat of dp. Often in the set after I get a knockdown I choose to not do a meaty because I’m worried about eating an uppercut. Also, throughout the match he showed that he wasn’t afraid to throw it out there.

  3. what can I do about the fireball spam? In the first set I tried to distance myself but in the later games I tried to stay closer so I could slide on reaction but that wasn’t working for me either. What’s the best distance to be at for this matchup?

I obviously did a lot of stupid shit, naked super, missed inputs getting me random wall dives, etc. I think I play pretty solidly in most matchups but I really struggle with a defensive opponent like this


Thanks, this is helpful



I have a hard time with defensive Ryu as well, but I am getting a bit better.

1 - Go with whatever you feel are better with. Hell, switch in between them mid round. I go with the claw for ranged, then will swap and get closer for a better footsy fight. Then if I feel I am outdone, or cant execute, Ill back off and put the claw back on.

2 - If you know he is DPing, dont jump in, or if you want to brave and and get your timing down, FBA cross over. If you know he is DPing, push as far as you can the second you are in the air and execute towards the bottom of the move. At least thats how I sometimes beat DP.

3 - I usually try to stay at sweep distance or less. They will still try to spam it, and it is hard for me IMO to punish it, but you have more options. I like to FBA my side for fireball spammers and land on my side. That way they feel I am dodging and Ill try to sneak over to their side for a quick hit. Also, if they are blocking EX roll, throw after. You backed off and put yourself into their comfort zone, which is where they want you. Dont back off if you get in.

I know heavy use of FBA is kinda frowned upon, but I find that if nothing else is working, try it. You are losing anyway. Who knows, maybe they will get confused. How they react to it can also be used to your advantage. If they are trying to punish it in the air, dont go over too far and hit them in the air. Then they will either try to punish on the ground, or just block and punish after. If its punish on the ground, you still have a shot at hitting them for a decent combo if you are clawless, or a lower slice if you have the claw on. If they start blocking, Izuna drop.

Key is MAKE them play differently. Ive even had defensive Ryu players straight rush me cause Ill do Vega’s v-taunt with some chip damage in between.