Vega"s Comeback System (Moves like Vega)



Hello all this is Dark-Set, im a huge fan of this forum and Fighting Games such as SSF4, ive been maining vega since the Turbo days, i am from the Dominican Republic and at the moment im considered to be the best Vega player on the community, im a tireless reader of this forum and different sources of information that have had level up my actual game style,this is my first post so, bear with me guys.

Now, as the title says, Vega"s Comeback System> i believe it consist on successfully landing cross ups ExFBA or BHC, yes… Bloody High Claw, this combined with our kara trow set ups can be a huge advantage, now i do know for a fact that must of you readers know or have a clue on how to actually land EXFBA Cross ups by now, but i actually saw a video not too long ago where a vega player could actually land the BHC (u1) from a forward throw setup to cross up the oponent, according to the video we where only able to do it from a forward throw but only while the oponent landed on half of the screan, guys ive manage to land the same setup everywhere on the screan (but corners) on almost everyone, ill start with the EXFBA Cross ups setups that i have so far:

Izuna Drop, Wiffed High Scarlet Terror, EXFBA. (Adjustment requiered on slower and faster wake up characters)

Forward Throw, Crouch, ExFBA. (Works on everyone but Makoto, Chun, Sim, Cody, Guy, Hakan, Blanka, Fuerte, Vega and Adon.)

Splendid Claw (u2), cMP, ExFBA. (Adjustment requiered on slower and faster wake up characters)

Now this one its my actual setup that can be also called a reset that ive been working on,and it goes like this:

Cosmic Heel, cMK, wait until the character its almost recovered from the kick on the air and boom, ExFBA Cross up. (Timing can be tricky)

And at last but not least:

Bloody High Claw Cross up setup: (I have only one so far)

Forward Throw, Inmediate BHC on your corner side, timing can be tricky, if the U1 its done a couple of frames after then it wont land as a Cross up.
Works everywhere but the corners.
Works on everyone but: Adon(Fast wake up), Hakan(Slow wake up), Sagat(Slow wake up), Blanca(Slow wake up) Sim ((Slow wake up) and Vega((Slow wake up).

Now why did i called this post A Comeback System?

Well someone said once that the Vega"s Comebacks are still unkhown, Fellas i have made use of the Cross ups to almost always land on my opponents and i truly believe its a huge weapon to use, my friends including the DR RAY (not sure if u guys remember him from the last evo) call it DarkSet" unblockable, and as a matter of fact, everytime they see the setup coming they just dont know what to do, since its really hard to actually land the ExFBA to his as a Cross up sometimes u can miss time it and Boom another confirmed since the opponent thought it was gonna cross up and it did not.

I really hope this info helped and im open for any questions, best regards!


Sorry to ruin your joy, but…
Saw the ultra flash?
Backdash and then punish hard.


It’s possible to cross up Bloody High Claw on the way to the wall as well. Use the whiff hk. st method.


A handfull of this stuff I don’t even bother with if i’m on the losing end. I have more success with these shenanigans knowing I can afford to miss it, takes the heat off of my shoulders which help keeps my execution at a steady level.


Good summary Dark-set, those who wouldn’t have the patience to search the entire wwmajin’s thread will be grateful.

EX FBA cross-up setups is a nice tool in our arsenal, which can make it very hard for the opponent to block while mixing it-up with corpse-hops and safe-jumps. At the other hand it’s meter consuming, and not that reliable, so I wouldn’t abuse it. =)

Yep. And EX DPs with a lot of invincibility do escape as well. That’s the reason why I don’t think it’s reliable at high leve, at least not consistently. =)

Izuna, whiff HK-ST then forward BHC. I knew it was possible, but was still searching for the precise setup, thx. =)


and those that don’t need to learn to sit down and read. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither will one’s skill level without patience and the want to learn.

sorry, TLDR equivelents because people are lazy piss me off.

Regardless, a decent summary. It’s kinda needless though when we already have all the info here.


You guys are right most of the info its already on the forum, and the cross ups can be avoid with a shoryu but… we can still punish on the way back to the wall, and on a high level play u can condition ur opponent to: 1-Guard on the wrong direction or 2- Wait for the Dp and punish hard. Yes it is Meter consuming, i have adapt my gamestyle on Meter building on the first round and then as far as i see them knockdown ill start with the setups. Even on a hard level game play its always better to have more tools and keep using different setups to remain unreadable.


Conditioning is basic, good luck always conditioning that DP. At high level, you’re gonna have a pretty tough time getting people to throw that out without meter to back themselves up.

Why meter build on the first round when you can build as you go? Proper meter management means you don’t have to spend an entire round trying to build up meter.
Why START with setups on knock downs? You have GREAT footsies at your disposal to start that. Fuck knockdowns, I’ll cross that bridge when I get there, sure I can work my KDs into footsies, which I do, but there’s just so much to be done with prior footsies that lead to much greater damage.

TLDR: You’re kinda just saying things that every FG player needs to know within the first week.


i’ve been practicing the cross up ex fba for a month now, and still cant even get it out 25%. for me, it’s a waste of meter and you get screwed if you miss. unless i have an exact setup, i find to ex fba as unreliable as unplinkable one frame links. i would attempt it if i have 3-4 meter stocked and playing in casuals only.


If I was able to get it correct at least half the time in training mode I would try it in a real match, but this shit is bananas.


It is a one frame-link most of the time, and you’ve got 2 frames only against some large characters. But it’s still not a waste if you manage to get it right or too late, better than too soon. 'cause even if it’s too late you would catch a player pressing buttons.

Now it’s only one of the tools you do have. To maximize knockdowns use, you should go into safe-jumps, corpse-hops and meaties as well. EX-FBA cross-up is only one option amongst all those. =)


that would explain why it’s so inconsistent, haha. now i know not to bother with it. i would bother with the 2 frame big characters, mind sharing who these big dudes are?



wwmajin’s topic is old, but is still a treasure of information for us Claws. :wink:


i remember reading that post, but not the crossup fba stuff! is that new???


Nope. =D

But I admit that it is easy to miss some within all that mass of information. @@