vega strats

vega is really good. he can flip the switch from a turtle character to a rushdown anytime (if you’re in a running/short jump groove).

what are some general strats?

i play him in mostly S,N,K grooves. short jump hk and hp are awesome. once you land the kick throw (i think, the one where he’s at your feet when the other character wakes up), short jump straight up and hk, good stuff.

main pokes- cr mp, cr hp, cr mp >> slide, slide, etc.

any combos? what are good situations to try for his super(s)?

his hk is his main anti-air.

i’m a noob, i just started playing him on xbox live today, and that’s some stuff i picked up.

post your stuff.


one thing i have noticed with Vega, is that his Feice Roll attack, will hit guys on the ground who are countering with some anti-air attack.

For example, u slide on ken, and he does his shoryuken, u do ur Roll attack at the same time and it should hit 1st.

His Air Throw Attack (down-up kick) is good against guys with no anti-air attack, such as Sakura, Rolento, and others