Vega Thread



About fucking time!

Everyone’s favorite Street Fighter is here and The Matador will steal the show with Beauty!


He looks like he will play well even though I did not see any FBA’s at all


Hopefully the a normal FBA will act like an EX-FBA in SF4 where he can hit with the knee on the way up. If I pick this game up it’ll be because of Vega lol


Exactly! I bet they will have fixed his SFIV issues and everyone will be pissed off! LOL! I just kinda see myself moving over to this game if it gets very good for me.


Finally a reason to buy this game.


yup going to play Vega for sure on one of teams, now that he has chains victory will be even more beautiful

I think he is going to play the same as his sf4 self just with chains


I wonder if they are going to do the drop able mask and claw like in 2012, they didn’t make that too clear.


I am sure they keep drop-able items. I am actually really excited for Vega, I think he’ll fit well into this game’s style. For some reason I imagine him playing more like his CVS2 incarnation than his sf4 one, but maybe I’m just hoping he’ll be beastly.


I’m personally hoping for CvS2 style pokes, with SF4 style combos. maybe OP lol




I cringed a bit when i saw his cr.lp. Still having nightmares about 1-frame links disaster. lol
Bloody High Claw looks less cool though and hella slow. Same with his laugh at the end.


notices vega is in, proceeds to cabbage patch


faster/useful RCF, ability to combo after CH, safer overhead, wall dives (SHC and FBA/izuna drop) need to be safer.


I didn’t know not a fuckin thing about this game until Vega was announced…now…I still don’t know shit but Vega is announced and now ill play!


Bloody high claw is his super.


Vega/Juri team from day one! Im very surprised there are not more people hyped for vega since so many wanted him. I dont care really because in my head these should both be able to tag cancel moves safely so I can try more risks plus they shoyld be a difficult team to hit with all the stuff they can throw at you.

Only team I see much harder to hit would be dhalsim/rolento or maybe sagat/sim.


i really hope his bloody high claw is easy to use in combos. i wonder what the input is and if it hits on the way up?


I would like to imagine capcom will continue their theme of making things easier and allow BHC from his links. In a game like this Vega could easily become high tier again.

Question tho, if I hit both enemies with BHC does it do full animation and damage to them marvel style or would one or both fallout???
Im curious on that because vegas super seems very marvel-y to me in this game a looks like it could catch both characters.

Edit: BHC does hit on the way up, we saw in his trailer.


yeah i think he will play alot better in this game. with cross cancels and universal launchers he’s got a few more options to get out of pressure

i recon the partner would fall and tag out before the animation. i think i may have seen it happen with other supers. will probably be possible with fireball supers though

i think that was him finishing balrog’s cross art, but im sure they’ll have it the same for his super art. :smiley:


Now that you can do chains, I wonder if you can loop EX RCFs into each other, Balrog-style.