Vega Thread



his launcher is exactly as i hoped and in this build he has chains.

that measn you can do long range pokes and hitconfirm them into launcher combos


That would be nasty. Hopefully it will cancel into a tag well.
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So glad Vega is in a game that doesn’t have focus attacks. Focus completely nerfed his wall dive attacks.


This nigga better have his df RH launcher


He’s got it.

Looks a lot faster then the SF4 version too.


Nah not scarlet terror, im talkin about cosmic heel (his sf4 launcher)


Yeah, so am I.


Got a link to the video its in?


Not right now, I’m on my I-Touch.

But it’s in that one video where Ono and (I believe) the Tekken producer go heads up with two American guys in SFxT.

One of the American guys picks Vega and does a Cosmic Heel at some point…

You know what? Go to the Vega forums and under the thread ‘SFxT…Do you think Claw is there?’ a guy named Jok3r posted the video there and even says at what point in the video Vega does it at.


Ok thanks…

Yea that shit is definitely faster. His overhead should be pretty decent too since overheads groundbounce on counterhit


I always liked vega in sf4 since he is kind of a point and click character but always turned away from maiming him since he pretty worthless against pressure. I’m thinking he will be my 2nd in this game next to law but I’m sad to see he still has terrible supers lol. Hopefully he wont be as terrible in this game as he was in sf4 but only time will tell…I’m just hoping he is somewhere in the top 10 lol.


As somebody else said in this thread, it would be awesome if Vega in SFxT played more similar to his CvS2 self appose to his SFIV self. We all know how awesome he was in that game.


Sup guys…

First time actually clicking on this forum, so I dunno what all’s been said in here or not but…

I’ll be at fight club next week (2nd) testing out Vega. I’m compiling a list of things to test. So if you have any requests, let me know. Since there’s still no dedicated character sub-forums yet I’ll just maintain my one single post and modify as needed.

Here’s what I have so far:

  • Properties of normals, command normals and specials

  • Kara Throw

  • Comboability into Super Art and Cross Art

  • Move notations

  • Normal Anti Airs
    [S]- Special Anti Airs[/S]
    [S]- Air throw[/S]

  • Mask/Claw removal info

  • Fireball invincibility

  • EX/RCF Loops

  • Tag cancel out of Izuna and comboability after

  • Launcher into BHC/SC (doubt it’s possible because of launcher recovery)

  • BHC invincibility

Any other specific requests not mentioned above just reply and state it.


Check if you can loop EX rolls. Like: “s.HP xx EX Roll, c.MP xx any heavy XX EX Roll” or “s.HP xx EX Roll, s.HK xx EX Roll”


I was wondering if izuna drop loops are going to be like they were in super turbo or 2012.


Tech rolls will stop that


Fucking Vegaman…

What would we do without ye?


well fuck


wonder for another month

ok noted

I’ll still see how invincable tech rolls are


Can you check if you can tag cancel out of the Izuna drop? (and is comboing possible after that?)

Thanks in advance