Vega Trial 13 help



How do you get Vega to perform the Jumping knee into BHC instead of the wall jump into BHC?

I can do the combo fine but once I get to the BHC portion of the combo Vega always runs to the wall to spring off of it and during this time the opponent falls to the ground.

To see the trial Im talking about:


Try holding towards the direction of the opponent (Up-Forward).

I realized that inputing the BHC is not enough in this game. You have to hold it in the direction you would like. If you let go, it will keep going towards the wall.


Thanks…I will try that next time. Im use guile where up direction doesn’t matter but I guess Vega requires a little more finesse.


Do the blood high claw with Down, UP + PPP normally. During the start of animation, hold forward and keep holding. You must hit the opponent while going to the wall, the rest of animation will come if you do it right, so avoid the corner, do it anywhere in mid screen.


3 months late azis lol


Well, taking in account that I’m generally late for everything in my life, 3 months is not that bad…

Maybe I’m still in time to teach a very cool move I know forh Ryu. Here is what you have to do:

Crouch, crouch forward, walk a little bit… and Punch!