Vega video thread



All the Vega battle replays, combo videos or any Vega related videos; let them come here.


Let’s start with his trial video



Some of the first match replays

Vega/Ryu team
The tag combo at the 2nd round is amazing.

Vega/Dhalsim team



Arthur Sanchez (TS Sabin) is ruling the online lobbies since the game has been released. Did he play SF4? Cause I don’t remember him :confused:



Lol yeah brah sabin is a rose/dhalsim player, most recently placed top 8 @ winter brawl


Really? Although I have watched every Yoga, Shin, Overheard upload since Vanilla, I don’t remember him. Shame. Good to win such a good Vega player


I wouldnt be surprised if my crappy matches start appearing in here lol




Arturo Sanchez is a very well known player it surprises me that you hadn’t heard of him


521 tag combo (1 Bar) with King. Works anywhere on screen. I did this combo with unmasked Vega.


Using Vega on point and Lili. Open for any suggestions on how to improve my play.




Some of my Vega/Hwoarang footage from our casuals yesterday, I’m still getting used to the system but footage none of the less. There’s a bit more of myself spread around here and there if you care to look.


Only thing i can coment is that you could have punish all that nonsensical jumping from that Asuka…while it was neutral jumping and kicking you could have use super (it is fully invincible untill it gets to the wall)…you could have used cross art…or you could have also try Cosmic heel or Fst HP from max range…i feel like that asuka player was disrespecting your vega and trolling you and it would have been fun if it was punished for that…Yor Vega looked much stronger in the second video and your Lili is straight up fearsome…good games


It doesn’t play, man.



but my matches are laggy ugh… :frowning:


This is a really really really terrible replay, but a little funny maybe : )
Going to look back on this match in the future and laugh.


that might be the first pandora victory ever recorded


Finaly well know sf4 japanese players rocking SFx Tekken Vega
SPOILER: Funny how he gives his Paul a chance but then decides to just go all in with Vega…i f you blink you might miss the third round completely

SPOILER: Awesome combo at the beginning of the second round




Really awesome combo. And here is another SAJ video with again great tag combos in the 2nd round: