Vega Video Thread



Want to see some good examples of top players using Vega? Want to post your own matches for critique and advice from fellow Forum members? This is the thread for you.

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Well I’m kind of surprised to see no replies (even if the game just came out yesterday) so maybe I’ll start off. I wasn’t sure where to post this since it’s not really a high skill match but the glitch I experienced as Claw justifies it in my opinion. The glitch makes Vega fly off the screen endlessly and while I don’t think it’s a common occurrence it was still pretty interesting.

Anyway, cheers to my clawbros, I don’t know how I feel about Vega actually being good in this one.


Not much stuff yet so I guess I’ll post some videos featuring our wonderful resident Claw Sensei, @Myakyo.


I made a sick Vega combo video!


Posting this here in case it wasn’t posted on the board before, and since it’s a video:

Optimum V-Reversals for Vega.



Great example of patience with Vega…


my matches start at 01:58:20

nothing impressive, just training some laura and rashid match ups. Rashido’s pressure is really annoying, many times I tried to punish his spinning mixer with st lk and got stuffed



Punish his eagle kicks with in claw stance, and he’ll stop doint it. The spinning mixers are pretty much spacing dependent iirc.


Why st.MP and not just the slide? It has more damage and knocks down.


@“Time Mage” I didn’t think it would reach in time. Being that the barely reaches in time and is much faster. We are talking about when he flies straight at you with a drop kick right? On block I just it, could have sworn slide didn’t work.


It works like a charm.


Awesome. Check out the vids I posted in the tech thread, you might find it interesting :slight_smile:


With the lk.ct cross up tech… If they DP you can neutral jump. Lp, mp, HP. But ex dp will always hit you so just jump in the direction you came from against ryu… You can neutral jump all of kens dp…

Ken - neutral jump all DP - punish

Ryu - neutral jump lp, mp, hp. Jump in opposite direction for ex dp - punish

Cammy - neutral jump mp, hp. Ex will hit you, and if you try to jump over you can not punish her. Can not punish

Necalli - all of his dp will punish you

Rashid - neutral jump ex dp - punish

Karin - neutral jump ex dp - punish

Chin li - who can ex sbk and stop vega from doing the whole play all together… Neutral jump and proceed to punish…


Hi everyone!

I finished second at my local tournament losing to a nash player in grand finals. Nash is definitely on of my personal bad match ups, I don’t know what range I should fight this character since his normals reach farther than mine and his dash speed is crazy.

I would really appreciate some advice though on somethings I can improve on. The link to the stream is and the matches start at 1:59:50


Got absolutely demolished by a Dictator-player in a FT10 but in the end I finally started to get a hang of the matchup. Have a look:


Here’s a great little video. Finally glad seeing some people make content for Vega <3


Two quick vids, one’s a match against a Bison player with hitboxes enabled (I don’t think he knows the matchup too well), and the other is a combo/crossup drill.

Practice, practice, practice…


Floe vs Fightmoney (Snake Eyez?)

I didn’t think they were the same person, but maybe.


Heyguys, I made a vid too! It’s a “mini-guide” which covers Vega’s main problems. This also can help if you’re having troubles against Vega for some reason.