Vega weaknesses and how to survive them



My girlfriend plays Vega exclusively and she has serious difficulties when players are putting jump in pressure on her.

It seems that the EX moves can’t beat a jump-in right on top of her and she has a seriously hard time when people are all over her.

Can you perhaps share strategies and ideas for what Vega should do when put under a lot of wakeup pressure?



gotta block. vega walks back really fast so if you hold back a lot sometimes you can get out of bad scenarios. but really since vega has no invincibility on anything you have to be patient and calm under pressure and interrupt opponents when you have an opening and otherwise avoid the worse scenario possible which is getting knocked down in the corner.


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It’s cool of you to answer, and thanks, this is good information. What , off the top of your head, would you recommend as Vega`s go-to move when under pressure? A poke? Something else?


Stand roundhouse and HK scarlet terror


Yeah she already uses that stand HK to an insane extent and does it great but it can’t beat some of those really good pokes that some guys have, not to mention ridiculous jump-ins. Thanks for answering the question, she’s here and says thanks too, she will work on those blocks! You’re awesome


On wake up all you can do is block, or ultra 2 if the opponent screws up the timing of their jump in.

If you are not at wake up there are different things you can do but they are all match up, timing, and zoning specific.

Try this as an exercise … vs a Ryu keep him at the tip of your He shouldn’t be able to get inside the tip of your without jumping you walk faster.

If he is outside that range and attempts a jump in you can use or ch (aim for torso not the foot) as an anti air.

If he is just inside or slightly outside the tip of your you can neutral jump hk or jump forward and try to beat them on reaction.

If he is way inside you can slide under.


Splendid claw was an excellent tip. Landed it three times already on late jumpers!


Well… there is another option that I really like to use if my opponent is willing to jump in and keep that pressure going pressing buttons is to Focus the jump in and Focus attack when he is on the ground, if he presses a button he will most likely get counter hitted and of course… crumpled. Thats a free CH ST, U2 or at least a slide.

But be aware… empty jump into throw, jump in DP/EX grab will fuck you up. So use it with caution.


Ok here is how i do it…

The vega’s walk speed is key in his anti air tools, also what I use is dependent on what I was doing…so i have to make sure what i was doing sets up my anti air…

If ure opponent is jump happy I use do those frame traps to stop him from going up which are cr. mk>st. hk, lp>mp, and st. lk>cr mp (my fave to get peeps to settle their ass down…

however if he leaves the ground then:

  1. at st lk max range > slide
  2. at cr. lp max range > walk under throw
  3. at cr. mk > nj. throw/nj. hk
    Just outside that dont do shit…its way to risky between jb. mp, st. hk, cr. hp its a guessing game and if u loose u get the beat down…but further back where the opponent can only do jump kick>sweep combo I use cr. hp/ st. hk…no one is dumb enough to jump at u here do u got to do the walk back dance thing

I have never landed ch as an anti air so its not on my list of anti air…don’t have a clue how and the sit box kinda says it cant land ch as anti air without trading.


In fact it doesn’t wins once most jumps are out, but if you pay attention Claw is already tall, and CH makes him travel even higher. So you can use it before opponen’ts attack is out, or at the contrary after (for example to punish a far jump in just made to close-in).

You can punish shoryukens while they’re still in the air. Some mistimed or poor spaced dives (cammy’s LK cannon strike when done only to close in = it stops in the air) can be beaten as well. Same for some jumps hitting too high or too low, and not front. But it’s not reliable indeed. =)

At the moment, I’m working with sHK, ST, and dodging the jump when I can’t use neither of those. =)


While Claw’s anti air game is kind of weak, his air-to-air game is strong.

So, besides the other advices already given, don’t overlook jumping HP, HK, MP and air throw of course.


What I do is use the splendid claw as the other gamers have mentioned. I know most vega users prefer scarlet terror but if done properly you can get away with some serious bull toot with splendid claw - it catches people as they are about to land, it goes through fireballs pretty easily, and sometimes when I’m getting beat down I will use it to get AWAY from my opponent to think/get my dizzy to fade away. The hitbox on it is really amazing and underrated.

That all said, what else you can do is try to bust out a focus attack - take that first hit and release quickly if the opponent is using a lot of fierce attacks. Won’t work if they are jabbing a lot or Sakura. Also on wakeup you can do a strong version of the flash kick - you won’t hit the opponent, but it gets you almost out of sweep range, and then you do a simple KKK flip and charge vega as you do that so you are prepared. Mixing those things up really seems to help as Vega (for me) has the strong suit of being unpredictable and has multiple options for most situations.

Also, taunt 2 is his best - it’s quick, makes for great replays, and it really makes people get mad so they do something stupid, which is just what you want.