Well, it’s not really artwork per se as much as it really isn’t all of Vega, it’s really just his forearm and hand, holding his mask. It was done as a class assignment. We were only allowed to use paper materials and glue or tape. It’s not too great, but I was pretty content with how it came out. I had to “make it more interesting” so I put the tattoo that he has chest and biceps winding up around his arm. So yeah.

Hey, that’s pretty cool yo.

or is it…


good job I think it turned out nice… gotta love when you can combine street fighter and school work :rofl:

that’s definitely art. not everything here is drawn. there’s another guy who does sculptures too. i believe his name is seantree but i’m not %100 sure about that. i might be miss-spelling it.

It’s seantree.

He has someone on here who could pass for his twin.

It’s scary, that seantree. It’s scary.

Nice. I like how you used the “lively snake tattoo” winpose as a base for this.

That would be me :lol::lol::lol:

Cool work btw A+

Oh that is win. Oranges are delicious.