I’m Playing K-groove Vega,Terry,2Blanka. And I need some help, bad. At a weekly tournament, I got OCV’d twice in a row by a One-point Eagle…

In any case, I really like vega, and I can tell he’s a strong character, but I can’t seem to work out any solid combos or setups with him, mostly I just run around, jump a lot and press mid punch whenever I feel like it, then try to land a Counter hit Crimson Impact. Worst tactics ever. I’m wondering if some of the ideas I’ve had, but haven’t had the chance to test, are any good.

repeated walk-forward and jab, just, over and over again, he’s got a quick jab with good range, is it worth whoring like that?

Forward roundhouse at mid-range as a tick-throw, I think it works, but again, I’m not sure.

the stupid jump off the wall moves. I’m told they’re bad, and I’d be inclined to agree, but every once in a while, I just own my roommate by throwing it out over and over and over again.

Also, what is some good anti-air with vega?

I’m new with vega too…however I found this thread to be quite usefull, some of the things explained here helped me out quite a bit, so you should definitely take a look at it if your gonna keep vega…the url:

BTW I don’t think many people are gonna answer any ways man…so far SRK has been dead for quite awhile :tdown:

instead of standing jab, use standing short.
u can connect 3 in a row, set up throws, plus no charachter can duck them(as opposed 2 standing jabs)
also learn the effectiveness of vegas slide. At the right distance, u can punish a lot of ground pokes.

The slide is very good to punish whiffed pokes from a far range.

The crouching MP is his ideal poke, and good after a claw roll.

I like to use Wall Leaps on wake-up.

dont know if its been posted, didnt bother to check…, link > red impact = too good.

nice, but I saw something sicker in a current vid, jumping deep HP, crouching LK x 2, standing LP, Red Impact (6 hits and aton of damage muthafucka!!!)


well…linking the > isnt easy…(for me at least) so ill take the slight difficulty over the extra hits for coolness factor.

Vega has been my primary for years.

Jump ins are rather unreliable against good players, but i’ve found the most damaging to be his J. HP C. HP (NE) Red Impact. The best way to ensure that you get the proper charge time is to do a high jump. and immediately start charging.