Vega's BHC, FBA and SHC

I know the BHC and EX FBA can hit on the way up, but it seems to pick a random wall to jump on.

Is there a way to direct them?

Sorry if this has been asked before, I looked but couldnt find anything.

Yes, actually. I don’t think it mentions this in Vega’s move list, but he will jump to the wall you charge towards. So, to hit on the way up with the EX FBA in most situations, you’re going to charge down and forwards (i.e.,down and towards your opponent), rather than down and back. This applies to his sky-high claw attack and super as well.

It’s the direction you press after you input the special move.

to make him go to the wall behind do this: :db::ub::k:
wall in front of you: :db::uf::k: