Vegas command grab



In what situations should you use Vegas command grab should it be used the same as regular grabs and are command grabs more punishable?


It’s hard to say exactly when you should be going for a Grand Izuna Drop, but basically after you’ve convinced your opponent to not push buttons all willy-nilly. You can substitute regular grabs with command grabs, but Vega’s Grand Izuna Drop is slower than a normal throw by a very small amount (1 frame,) so you might get thrown out of your attempts if an opponent is expecting a regular throw and goes for a tech.

Commands grabs are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more punishable.


Ok thanks for the info


st. fp xx ASE lp a few times trains the opponent to block then throw in a st. fp xx remove claw -> command throw


a dash up command grab comes out in 22 frames. That’s faster than Birdie’s ex dolphin grab which comes out in 25. When you think about it that way, that’s a pretty quick thing to react to. If you’ve conditioned the opponent to respect your st. mp counter pokes, etc., it’s pretty easy to get in there with.


It beats 4 frame jabs after a


Thanks for the info guys


That really is pretty helpful. THanks! :slight_smile:


Note that s. HP xx SC xx GID needs to be delayed by a frame or so if s. HP hits, as on-hit you’re exactly +6 (Or possibly more, this is what I remember from elsewhere on this forum) with s. HP xx SC and you’ll whiff the grab while they’re in hitstun. This obviously has disastrous results.


If you’re close, I use crlk on block into Light, medium, and EX command grab. It puts you at the maximum position for both of those to land. So I use it for a tick setup.

#11 is a bad option since it’s 0 on block.


Since it leads to a tick setup, it can’t be that bad. Most people are already conditioned with two consecutive light normals as a block string. Using just crlk into command throw is just a way to break up the usual frame traps.

I haven’t tested other buttons to see if it has the same impact. But I found that crlk pushes you out far enough that it will allows the throw to work.


anything is a tick setup if you don’t care about frame advantage


If someone tries to tech when you tick off you get thrown.