Vega's desynch cause

Fake wall jump. That’s it

I have been playing with Vega a lot, only today I started using that move and it was a glitchfest. I made a lot of tests with and without that move and every single game it glitched, never did when I didn’t use it or on classic ssft.

I’m 100% sure this move is causing the desynch, try it yourself and post here with your results, maybe a patch will never come but will help improve the sf community indeed.

Nice catch, I’ll try it out with a friend tonight.

holy shit if this is true gg

Yeah try it and confirm. I never experienced any glitch with vega until i used that move today, I’ve been using him for a month I think.

Use fake wall like no tomorrow in a match (mine glitchs like 1 of each 5), specially in a player match with 3 ppl in the room - that way you will know you are glitched if you win and then the next match is a disconnect - or better yet, go to a tournament and do fake wall jumps like you really mean it and behold you winning all the rounds and your opponent advancing to the next match.

I’m really confident that move is the cause but pls post here everyone who test it so everyone will be aware of it and well, we vega users will lose a really cool move but we will have no more desynch. Maybe they will fix it easily if they know the cause too. I already posted on gamefaqs and sirlin boards.

It’s possible that the move makes it more likely to happen, but it can’t be the sole cause. I rarely use Vega, so I always forget about the new fake dive and I still get desynchs with him at random.

I main Vega, never had a problem with fake dive.

Start colours give me disconnect everytime.

i’m in UK on 360.

Is not the disconnect glitch… is the desynch glitch.

Do a lot of fake wall on a tournament and you will see it, maybe your opponent will just stand there and you will see him lose but he will win or game will be very slow or you will just win even glitched. On a three player match is easy to realize it too because you will win but next game will be a disconnect (if you win even with the desynch then you there will be no consequences)

A desynch is simply that you are on a phase different that your opponent and the server so you see something different than your opponent and the server.

And pls if you don’t main vega or didnt try the glitch then do it before posting, yes, I’m confident this is the sole cause, and that this is the cause.

I apologise for not being clear.

I’ve been playing alot of 4 person rooms with Vega using fake jumps, no reported problems from other players and no problems my end.

no disconnects, private matches with all people staying in.

I do use a good amount of fake dive.

A good ping may avoid it?, how is your network smoothing and bandwidth?.
Do you get desynch glitch often?, I went from 0 to almost every game depending if I use fake wall dive or not.

It’s definitely an interesting theory. I desync with Vega probably 90% of the time… and I abuse the living shit out of that Fake Wall Dive. I’ll have to play more games without it and see if it helps.

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Wow… Lets test… If is true, it just recomfirms where this games fails.

SO much is so good, and so much is so bad. I am really split on it all.

I’ll have a play tonight too. I fake wall dive A LOT and also desynch a lot.

There are matches where I whore the fake and I don’t get desynch, I think the super is a culprit at times as well.

My experience is that the desync will almost never occur when the connection is already perfect, but its likelihood of occurring increases exponentially as you compare progressively worse connections. I also sometimes see “almost desyncs,” where the game gets reeeally slow and choppy (skips and teleports and all) for a few seconds before picking up again and going back to normal. It’s as though the game is choking on itself for a moment. Also, sometimes it will hang on a black screen and take a little extra time (more than normal) for the next round to start. Disconnects occur during this or at the end of the game much more frequently when that is seen. This all would make sense for a desynchronization bug, which logically would probably be dynamic by nature. In this sense, it’s less of a concrete, precise glitch and more that something about Vega in specific is aggravating the game’s already-temperamental netcode significantly more than anything else.

edit: When Damdai first brought up the glitch, he theorized that Vega’s claw–being a separate entity attached to him–is the one major thing in terms of code and engine that sets him uniquely apart from all the other characters.

I hope this makes sense… I’m still high on cold meds.

Hi, thanks for the replies and your time on researching this.

But pls test it, I’m not saying that the game cannot desynch for other reasons, a lot of network problems can cause it, but what I’m saying is that the annoying Vega’s desynch glitch is cased by a gameplay move.

Is easy, just go to a tournament (seems to happen more often there than ranked) and do a lot of fake wall dives for some games, you will see the extremely high ocurrence of the desynch, then do the same but avoiding fake wall dive move at all, just don’t do it not even once and you will see zero or almost zero desynch.

A lot of ppl on different boards who has done the test has reported positive, while some don’t, however that last group is usually not affected by Vega desynch at all or is more of a random event for them. For the ppl affected we are talking about of even 90% of chances of glitch on every match.

Just try it please, is easier than thinking or speculate about it without testing and more powerful as a result to say if this is the problem or not.

About the attached claw theory, well I’ve more than 20 years of programming experience but cannot find a reason why something like that could desynch, but neither Damdai or me have the code so we cant be sure about it. However, my point is that I’m not proposing a theory here, I’m proposing a test which is having outstanding and definite results. Worths to try it, is fast.

I main Vega and Bison… and in all my time of playing Vega in HDR - pretty hardcore since release, I’ve never once seen a Start button disconnect nor a desync with Vega at any point. Perhaps 360 specific?

No way. I played 200 matches on the PSN last night. Start colors disconnected me three times when my opponent chose them.

I get dc’ed most of the time before the match starts when I pick vega.

Wait what?..I think I missed the whole Vega’s desync issue :sweat:

Whats up with that? I use Vega 80% of the time…what is supposed to happen if you are the Vega user? OMGF@!#1 Vega is God-Desync Tier

I played maybe 50-70 total matches today, most of them with Vega, but no disconnects. I, too, am a fake wall dive whore.

Tomorrow, I will be more statistical about it and do nothing but fake wall dives, despite the damage to my reputation it may cause :slight_smile: (Hah. What reputation?)