Vegas donks: TOFTS3 @ PSGLV 6/10/17


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Let me know when the title changes… I can’t aford to post yet :razzy:

who the fuck would do shit like that to game over…? fucking beer pong playing ass bitches

AND… for the second week in a row, we may be graced by the presence of another living mvc2 legend (the others being jaspy jasp and christian). get excited!

… and btw, making a new thread doesn’t defeat the idea that the same topics will be covered and the same people are going to be talking about them. i prefer the last thread because it was getting big and getting attention. if there’s anyway to reopen it and leave this open for the new monkeys, i’d appreciate it.

what is a man?

Really? More legends!!! Awesome!!! Looking forward to watching some gg!

We can’t have two threads for the same people, pick one!

who wants to school me at some sf4 tonight?

do we need to push the time of the tourney back to wait for the legends or are we gonna be on time this weeek? Just let us know.

A miserable pile of secrets?


i vote we keep the old one.

if anyone wants to prac over here, just bring me a burrito from robertos and you’re in.

lolol holy shit i thought my avatar was annoying.

In other news!! Madcatz statement!!

Vegas donks: Just keep jumping in and press low jab

or Team Vegas: keep taking it and disagree with more intellectual forces

But the last thread ended on such a depressing note. Nerd on nerd violence is no laughing matter.

(Akuma Wins)

Agreed. Let’s put a smile on that face :smiley:

I like this…

There you go, Vegas Donks: Home of Nerd on Nerd violence.

Heh, I like that.

sweep, fireball, uppercut, repeat.

Love the new thread title. I’ll be having game night on Friday again emulators plus PS3 SF4