Vegas donks: TOFTS3 @ PSGLV 6/10/17

C’mon, its Trollshar we’re talking about here. He makes a “serious” post name dropping SBO then follows it up with a picture of Jake and the Fatman, where Jake is a retarded midget in denim capris with an umbrella to keep his creamy pimpled white skin unscathed by the blistering sun, claiming him to look like Nick T.

Shame on you for not knowing any better.

Connor: I already knew this, believe me. It’s why I pick on him constantly whenever I see him. There is nothing wrong with calling him on it tho.

Hey ppl I didn’t get tues off I am work 6pm-2am. I am sorry but we are going to have to rain check the match.

Now onto the subject of tournaments that are actually going to happen, here is the official post for the next PUN: [Aug 27, 2011] Palomino Urban Nights #16 - Las Vegas, NV - 8/27/11 (Las Vegas, NV) (Las Vegas, NV)

Any other games are welcome to be run as side tournments. As always anyone that is willing to help by bringing equipment please do so. See you donks there.

anyone going to gem tonight?

Yup, probably gonna leave around 5-6.

Ill be there late sirs.

I’ll be there later to say hello/play a match or two before I go to the gym.

Got everything squared away in the dorm and will be able to play again. Hit me up on XBL if anyone wants to play AE, and 3s/UMVC3 when they come out.

Shout outs to Club 702.

club 702? The club by maryland parkway? No dress code, hella shots.

No dress code, but you gotta have 702 in your name.

Formerly The Hop? That place is fuckin gully. Hahaha

white tee wednesdays used to be crackin

had this for ages

I want to play video games on Sunday.

!!! let’s do it.