Vegas donks: TOFTS3 @ PSGLV 6/10/17

same over here

Bollywood Dougie.


Anyone have Bernie’s address? Gonna try to make it out tonight.

PM for address details if you need it. Please bring sticks, ps3 and 360.

lol i just did =x

Here are the results from last night’s tournament at IC: CUC - BATTLE AT THE BAR - 12/26/11 - Las Vegas, NV - RESULTS

@ Paine: Hit me up if you wanna go to IC some time after work.

Tushar = The New Crosswaters?!

Cool thanks donks.
Also gaming is still going down this Friday at Gemini right?

Damn 2 hour bus one way sucks.

Thanks again for the KOF meetup Bernie, got some good practice in and got to see people I haven’t seen in a while.

Also any pointers on team order for Athena, Robert, and Ryo?

5 Greatest KOF Characters of all-time.

Duo Lon
Duo Lon
Duo Lon
Duo Lon
Duo Lon.

You can actually have Athena on point since you can space really well with her and get away with not having to burn alot of meter. Personally i would have Ryo as second and Robert last, but those two you can mix back and forth.

Anyone going to gemini tomorrow?

Last minute announcement here but I am going to be holding a small tournament on the 1st of the year (this Sunday) at Gemini. The place is supposed to be closed so the people that know it is open are mainly going to be the fighting game players. Essentially the place will only be open for the tourney. Tourney games will consist of KOF XIII, UMvC3, and MK9. Start time is at 4pm. Please bring consoles, copies of the games, monitors (if you’ve got them), and RCA A/V cables since there are a lot of tvs here that we can use.

Matches will be live on

Brackets will be updated live on

-Tha Hindu

ill go but im not bringing a setup.

also rumor has it that we have a TTT2 machine at NYNY(?) i need to check this out


ill bring one friday though

If I have nothing to do tomorrow, I still got a bus pass to get to Gemini. I can bring my box and KOF. Don’t have a monitor though.

I am going to look into this. Hopefully it is not $3 a play like T6 was…

theres plenty of tvs at gemini.

@macc: thank you.

I can bring a setup tomorrow as well, what time is everyone showing up?

ill be there after 5