Vegas donks: TOFTS3 @ PSGLV 6/10/17

They’re not open on Monday or Tuesday. Those are their off days. I believe they’re open on Sunday nights until 11pm or so.


you guys ready for evos??

get ready


Any usf4 scene out here in vegas for casuals or ranbats?

Press start gaming on Wednesday

Tuesday casuals at Gameworks @‌ Town Square
Wednesday casuals at PSG
Thursday bi-weekly tournaments at PSG
One-off tournaments at
Random other private casuals.

Yeah, there’s some USF4 in Vegas. Join the Vegas FGC Facebook group for updates.



Sorry if this has already been mentioned in this thread, but is there anyone in Vegas who can dual mod a TE2 Xbox One stick to work on PS4?

You’ll find more results if you look or post in here:

I only see one name in the Vegas area, but it can’t hurt to post in a few spots to find local modders.

PM sent

me and the terry brothers (evo champ / top8) are puttin on a mk9 tourney either wed/ or fri hopefully wed.

we are looking for some more ppl to play . wehave about 8 so far. Mk9 and injustice

anyone interested?

Looking for people interested in Mkx casuals and tournaments.

Request sent. To Facebook Las Vegas 702 community.

Rise from the grave?

Next TOFTS incoming at PSG!

Preemptive RIP.