Vegas Eats

Been three years since I’ve been to vegas. What are the hotspots to eat?

I remember back then eating at DB brasserie in the win was the shit.

Any must see’s? I’m trying to find episodes of that triple D show on vegas, lol.

M Resort buffet, world class buffet plus unlimited beer/wine.

The Wynn buffet is expensive like $20 I think but GDLKE!

Also for EVO goers where the cheap eats at like under $10?

I know there’s Sonics…they are pretty cheap.
I think there is one near the Rio.

20 dollars is expensive 0_o

Guys should visit vancouver.

odds are i’ll probably gamble and get free alcohol from that.

They do have good drinks.

I hear the best buffet in Vegas is Wicked Spoon.

The buffet at the Rio is surprisingly good.

The buffet packages are amazing. Last year it was $30 for three meals a day amongst all the Harrah’s properties. The Planet Hollywood buffet was surprisingly awesome. It was half a city block wide, and had food from at least six different ethnicities per day. I ate there three times.

Also good is Cafe Heidleberg (I highly recommend the Saurbraten with a side of Cheese Spaeztel… it’s seriously the best I’ve ever had in my life), and of course there’s always In-N-Out.

I’m pissed that I can’t go this year simply for the food.

anything other than buffet’s?

Hey now, Vegas buffets are legendary. Seriously, try the one at the Planet Hollywood.

Bring yo own damn food cause fighting game players don’t have any fucking money

Fuck dat, I’m rolling deeeeep.

Who’s got the best tofu in town?

That’s weird, I thought you’d be all over some barbecue…

What does that have to do with me? lol

been there done that. King crab legs were cool I guess. but buffet’s are just a mass of like, not bland food, but I want something made from scratch you know.

Buffets, I don’t really get down with because I’m not a huge eater, so I never get my money’s worth. I need to find some package deal eats.

The Rio Bar & Grill has some Bomb ass steaks. Dry aged beef. Best steak I have ever had too, not that I have been around the globe sampling steaks.:smokin:
I’m going there Thursday night when I arrive first thing.

See you there.

Yup. sips beer…mhhm.