Vegas Farewell to Gameland L-I Tourny


1st) Dany “Inigma” Leoung
2nd) Darl “Magnetix” I dont know last name.
3rd) ???

Details: dany 2-1 over Darl in the finals. It went down to both their cables a very good and intense match. Matt beats Ace then loses to someone. Matches were single elimination.

Highlights: magnetix doing crazy sht. he plows through everyone OCVing people left and right then owns up his rival Vick. dany’s cable is crazy probabyl the best cable in vegas. magnetix also has a crazy cable. magnetix was doing fly combos and some insane sht. he was suprising everyone.

I wasn’t around for Cvs2 i hope someone who was there can post up results.

Farewell to GL it will be missed.



OCV that shit. Goodbye GameLand, you will be missed… -sniff-:frowning:


Simpsons comic book guy: “worst post ever”. good gawd, that information is not even right.

  • danny and darl only had one game, since of time constraints.
  • Ace beat matt. - - imo, I think Apoc’s spiral is pretty good.
    lol, why do I even bother to reply

3rd. WAYNE BRADY got third biatches.

Magnetix: This is larry. you have improved alot, even though I really don’t play this game I can tell you have gotten alot better.

damn danny for what he did to my poor cyclops. came in once, never got back out lol


Roflllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll @ magnetix beating anyone


hot damn! ace?.. lost?.. ge da fuk outta hea… who contained the beast?! get dis foo a muzzle for beasting the black man. woo wee



All I know for CvS2 is

  1. Philip Leong
  2. Matt “God of Random”
  3. Danny Leong

Note: Why does everyone add a “u” in our name??

Highlights: Matt gets angry that GL was closing down and proceeds to rampage through everyone including me. Philip takes a big sip of haterade and stops Matt in the finals.



I’ll Apex this for yall sometime tomorrow. Matt ownz me for FREE:(

Edit:Anyone have the full MvC2 bracket? If not I can only post CvS2.


dont post that shit omg lol vegas is already trash in mvc2 then your gona post a tourney where darl places high then dead last…


Wait. I’m confused now. Does Apex matter? Ever since it hasn’t been used to seed Evo I’ve felt like it doesn’t matter who places where. It’s a for fun thing. Sadly though, it takes away any reason for winning a local…unless you REALLY need the money. What kinda local has money you really need? haha

Hell, if Apex mattered I wouldn’ve ran tourneys in Vegas when I was there on weekends.



Good point :]


Good shit Dany.

Dude what the fuck happened at TXshowdown? I thought you were going for sure. It would’ve been straight to chill again.

Let me know if you’re going to ECC.