Vega's Focus Attack

I’m having a lot of trouble with Vega’s Focus Attack I can’t seem to decide when to use it, which characters to use it against and how to use it efficiently. Most of the time I try to use it they end up jumping over it and punishing me hard for a guessed focus attack. Worst part is when it actually lands i’m so damn surprised i completely fuck up the only thing i was trying to do with it which was land my ultra 2 or do a nice CH + ST combo. Also when that thing lands and it doesn’t crumple dashing forward seems like a very very bad idea.

Let me know if you guys have any hints about how to use this effectively/which characters it fairs better against. I’d really love to incorporate it into my game i just can’t really seem to do it :(.

I use it on people who tries to poke me, like chun li or ken. I never foward dash either, always back dash. After a back dash, you still have enough time to walk forward a little to do a CH + ST. Random focus is a bad idea i reckon, i only use it when i know they will poke me. you’ll eventually see a pattern of at what range they will poke.

personally I love to focus when the opponent throws fireballs…

it’s just one more option they have to look for and be cautious of when throwing it.

or in the case of most guiles…

i sit full screen and build ultra meter. it’s simple really. focus 2-3 fireballs and jump over one

2-3 more and backflip thru one

2-3 more and wall dive over one (carefully)

2-3 more and backflip again

2-3 more and jump again

then just avoid avoid avoid till you get all your grey life back and repeat till you get full meter.

or like if i’m going against a ryu with no meter I’ll focus the fireball and dash forward when he does cMKxx Fireball (practice focus dashing forward thru fireballs from full screen and you’ll get the timing for the spacing down faster)

rainbow ball?

devil’s reverse?

focus… sometimes!

butt slam?

cosmic heel?

focus attack?
focus… maybe!

dive kick?
focus… maybe!

blocked ultra from yun?

you get the idea.

If you are concerned about getting punished for a missed focus (and usually you SHOULD be concerned), hold it and only release it when you know you’ve been hit. If your opponent does not throw something out, backdash out of the focus. If you think a random FA might catch and land you a counterhit, just tap the focus so your opponent has the minimum amount of time to react with a jump.

Also, I don’t dash forward after a landed focus unless its a dizzy or HP.SRK punish. I probably should sometimes, but for crumples backdash into Cosmic Heel into Scralet Terror serves me well.

Ya i should focus those damn butt slams, they always rape me. Thanks for the advice i’ll try focusing through and dashing forward on fireballs.

my biggest problem is apparantly not tapping the 2nd forward or back to initiate the backdash itself… usually leaving me free for damn near a second for doing a full level 3. by the time i realize i didnt backdash it’s usually too late to attempt a second time.

i mean i press it twice but it doesnt always register. Maybe i should try triple tapping the direction to cover for it

Edit: oh if someone jumps at you when you try to focus, forward dash and either slide under them or do cMK to lower your hitbox and mess up their timing (thanks to theonlyJ for that tip). If they were expecting a hit, they will be frozen for a sec and you can get free damage (usually a throw)

I try to hit focus at the furthest range possible since at this range its much more likely the opponent will try a further reaching normal which in not light attacks. At this range my options are release if opponent attempts to hit, forward dash if they jump or back dash if anything else.
To set up the range i would use block strings such as J. Hk, cr mk, cr. lp, St lk, Cr mp…there are two points i here u can attempt focus…after the cr. lp or after the st lk.
I find the trick to focus is to use Pom/Kara/CH/Cr mk a lot to annoy turtles an mix in the focus once you see he starts mashing stuff. Putting block into the mix works against your focus game, also long frame traps works against your focus game since both of these encourages turtles to sit.
lvl 2 focus allows you to extend a block string after fwd dash but its a bit too risky for the reward since it gets you too close to the opponent where he has more options than if you stay out.
My focus game does not benefit from focus>CH setup since you’ll be too far but you can get a knd from FA>back dash>slide and FA>back dash Izuna. For the record i use this mainly with u2 when my life is low…other than that i just use kara/frame trap mixups…vega has one of the longest reach and one of the slowest execution on his focus so i structured my focus mix up around this. Hope this help…

I usually press the first fwd with the focus then just tap the other. This helps also with focus dash cancel ultra2

I use U1 for that

I find focus back dash U1 very hard compared to focus back dash u2…Im guessing its because with the u1 if you dont get the timing right you can get FBA with the negative however with u2 its ultra or nothing with the negative. I might be wrong about this and maybe its just my confidence but i get out FADC u2 consistently.
Also for your focus game u2 is much better since you can risk and occasional lvl 2 focus fwd dash kara since you’re opponent wont want to risk eating your focus fwd dash ultra2 punish if he is mashing or if he tries to back dash.

charging should be a problem on backdash because you’re already charging on the 2nd tap (well I am since i tap back then downback) plus it puts you closer to the wallso you dont have as far to travel…

however focus forward dash U2 is “safer” because you dont get EX FBA. doing it with U2 in either direction is easier, but I just prefer the damage output of U1

Hmmm I didnt know there was a window to connect the ultra if you charged after the focus. The way i do it is charge DB> B, DF, D, DB, B, UB KKK…It may seem like a lot of inputs but practically its just Charge DB, tap back, Half circle from DF to UB.

Gonna go test that and see if i was just making things difficult all this time…

yeah that’s a way to do it. and half circle in the opposite direction is how to do the forward dash ultra. Just as a dpad player it’s not exactly easy to do non circle motions. it’s the one motion i cannot do reliably, that stick (or even analog) would be better at.

i focus all the time… i’m one of those who often wins rounds just from FAing at the right times

i FA pretty much non stop

Have a Fireball for me? i’ll FA forward Dash mostly

oops, did you get knocked down? i’ll FA you on wake up and quite often hit lvl3 before you can do anything at all

i FA right to the beginning of lvl2, it almost seems like lvl1, its more of a timing thing than anything to do with flashes on my character

i FA while you are crouching and i hold it until almost to lvl3, after lvl2 if you are still there, but right before i hit lvl 3, i always hit people in the air trying to jump away from me

I FA any Jump ins, and release my FA the same moment im hit for an greatly increased chance of beating out throws or other moves

I FA Back dash jump ins after ur used to my FA early release on ur jump ins, so i can take my time with you after you’ve whiffed your attack

i Preempt most attacks with an FA, such as Abels 3 strike combo and im usually lvl2 by the time the first strike hits

i beat feilong almost entirely by FA ing-- I FA at about starting distance all day long and hit feilong pretty much no matter what he does, even on his ex fists of fury

i FA cammy all the time as well, releasing early if she does her back hand

i FA balrog if hes not doing breaking charges or when hes going for a quick charging punch advantage on reaction, and if he does his 3-button charge spin punch, releaseing early as he spins to hit him before he hits me

i FABD if im under alot of pressure

I FA and Backdash even if dont have to back dash, to be safe

i FA to draw in strikes and feign opponents at teasing distances

i FABD feilongs firely legs and Giefs Spin, Blankas Electricity, and non-breaking uppercuts etc…

you can never have to many FA’s…

when in doubt, FA!

FA’d already? FA again!

FA-ing all the time will give you alot of great airthrow advantages as well

FA-ing all the time against someone who both expects it and is competent enough to deal with it, will get you killed fast.

there are no special ways to deal with it, it is what it is

there are only a certain number of options available to them

  1. break it with something
  2. double strike it anyway u like, begin a combo if you like
  3. throw them
  4. counter with your own FA
  5. Ultra it

thats about it…

theres no magic happening

FA is hands down the best draw & feign tool in the game, bar none

I can beat it easliy


you cant “beat” it any “easier”, than anyone else can…

why dot you describe a situation and how you will “break it easily”

maybe your imagination is limited to thinking i’m a 7 year old

i got a better idea. how about you show us exactly what you’re talking about. Let’s see this stuff in action.

ok, here is my fa, … we are starting distance away… ok, what are you going to do now?