Vegas GGXX 2/19/03


1.Romel Shaheed “Chaotic Blue” - Jam,Johnny
2.Saif Ebrahim “ID” - Testament,Sol
3.Danny Leong “Inigma” - Sol
4.Josh L. “Paranoia EviL” - Dizzy
5. Peter Suh - Axl
5. Matt Chun - Potemkin
7.Josh White “Bloodyangel” - Ky
7.Kenlink ? - Slayer
7.Brennan ? - Sol
9.Paul Suh - Chipp
9.Josh Von “ajvg” - May
9.Sean ? - Sol,Jam

Good tournament everyone big thanks to Romel and Saif for coming down and showin us some shit you guys are too good =D hella cool too.

Danny actually knocking Romel into the losers bracket only to have him come back and take the tournament O_O.

Josh Von about to seal the win vs kenlink but gets hit and takes 70% from one combo giving kenlink the win nice!

Josh L. gets raped by ID’s testament first match then manages to pull a win but then ID pulled out Sol and it was GG after that.

Romel parrys like a fiend with Jam some crazy rush.

Saif had hella set ups for everything taken hella damage off basically anything

i cant think of anymore really so post away if you got any personal highlights or anything =D.


Good shit to everyone, especially Danny. Man that Sol was just rediculas. psychic dp everything! Also Josh’s Dizzy was no joke, FRC air combo everytime. Big ups sto Peter Suh too. I swear your Axl and Danny’s Sol got like twice as good in one night.

Thanks for comming and thanks a whole lot for having the tourny! We really appreciate it. Also Thanks for the dollar burger. Man that place is waaaay tooo good!

Chaotic Blue


Damn, thanks for the props… You guys really opened up our eyes to some of the more advanced stuff in the game… Jam and Sol too good, specially Bridgette (God I feel so dirty after being beat down with the bear)

Seriously though, thanks for helping me understand the game more… Now things don’t really seem too “random” to me anymore (Almost hehe)… I definately would like to play you guys again, too much fun!

Just give me a call whenever you guys manage to get down here again… $1 burger owns! Especially me!


thanks man seriously anyway you guys were hella dope and showed us hella shit your jam is a fuckin killer i had no idea she’d do shit like that,ID sol is crazy too,anytime i got hit i lost a shit load i but yea you guys should come down again ,it was cool playing you guys and meeting you good luck at SBO represent USA ^_^.