Vega's in Vegas pt.2 - The second dance~



i’ll put my room number up in here. i personally dont care who comes by.

but finding me shouldnt be that hard. i’m the guy wearing an evo jersey with “VEGAMAN” on the back.


lol is this the vega only money match room?


fuck no… lol.


K I’m here. Pm me if you need my number. Feel free to stop by room 15011 after 9ish


really hope to see some of you guys on the stream. Although I don’t know how to tell who you guys are…lol


Good luck to you all, you’ll need it…


Make us folks back home proud!


Good luck to ALL the Vega players! =]


go and kick Yun’s army ass!


Jozhear and Tatsu won theirs pools;
Makoto is on losers bracket.
The others vegas I dont know =/



Good luck to all the Vega players, I caught Joz on the stream earlier was a great match well done chap.



Good job to Sherry for jumping into Vega’s super. Whoever that Vega was on stream just now, good job.


If I heard right, Jozhear made it out of pools in winners good job Joz!


Yeah, that Viper really got screwed. The funny thing is that the commentators had just sad
"- Vega has full meter, but its not like his super is dangerous.

  • Yeah, his super is one of the worst in the game"

Seconds later… bam, bam baam!
I laughed! =)


makoto was in the same pool as mike ross, mike came out in winners, makoto in losers. wouldve liked to see that match (if they played, im not really sure how the pools work in a tourney this big)


Makoto went to EVO? Damn, I would have loved to seen him play again, sucks that he’s in the losers bracket but I’m glad he made it out.


Congrats to El Cubano Loco for doing extremely well against Poongko =]


sorry for spreading misinformation, it seems the japanese player in mike ross’s pool was Neurosis the bison player /:
freudian slip man. go tatsu and joz!




El Cubano made it out of pools?

The answer to my own question

So a bunch of really good Vega’s made it out, I haven’t seen Chris King’s name though