Vega's jump hk, cl. mk xx mp rcf



i’m having a lot of trouble trying to cancel it into the rolling crystal flash. can anyone enlighten me ^.^


In a nutshell, you most likely don’t have enough charge for the RCF. It is 60 frames instead 48 for FBA/ST/Ultra. You have to hold back as soon as you leave the ground. This has been discussed a couple of times and Vegaman came up with a circle motion form UF (jump in) to U and UB to Back. This works quite good if charge is the problem for you. Also cancel the cl.MK late. Look at that beautiful leg of claw a tiny fraction of a second and dream of his thighs, before hitting Forward MP.

And make sure you hit exactly Forward, not Down-Forward or the RCF won’t come out. Check your moves in the training room.

After a couple of succesfull tries you will see this topic again and ask yourself why you had to open a topic for such an easy combo :slight_smile:

Edit: I’m not quite sure MP RCF will connect after cl.MK - Don’t you mean cl.MK xxx LP RCF?
Or use cl.HP


just FYI though this method no longer works in SFxT, and as such I generally don’t attempt this combo in that game.

also standing MK could connect to MP RCF but only on counterhit and only on certain characters.


oh okay. thanks guys it really helped me, i’m going to try it in training mode then ^.^


is it just me? sometimes i can combo it with close mp but when i use close mk instead i can’t combo it. it seems like using mp makes it easier for me to cancel into lp rcf.


It’s all character specific. And also works on some characters. They all need testing on whom they work or not. The opponent’s posture also matters for those combos, meaning if they are standing or crouching. While works on a char while he is standing it doesn’t work while he is crouching or vise versa. So, as it is nearly impossible to memorise which one works on whom while standing or crouching, I think being able to do the general ones are better. Or just test and memorise the bad match-ups for you.

I just remember that works on Blanka on point 0 as I have dicovered it recently.