Vega's Official Trial Thread

I made this thread to help people out with Vega’s linking, “time crazy” hard trials. Alot of people have trouble with his hard trials, but with proper timing, and a focused attitude, it shouldn’t be that hard. Personally, it took me two days to complete Vega’s trials (not a 48-hour period though, lol). Since people have a harder time with the hard trials, I’m going to get into more detail with the hard trials. However, there is a video featuring the normal trials below.

Note: These videos posted below DO NOT BELONG TO ME. I found them on youtube, and a few of them helped me with my trials, so they may help you also.

Here are the trials. I will grade the trials on a scale (easy, medium, or hard) and tell you the title you receive for them.

Hard Trial #1:

Difficulty: Medium

Title: “Masked Nobleman”


-> [  Jump  ] Heavy Punch
-> [ Crouch ] Light Punch
-> [ Crouch ] Medium Punch
-> Light Rolling Crystal Flash
-> EX Focus Attack

For this trial, use the health bar trick for the linking. As you finish the RCF, as soon as Vega strikes Dan, tap the focus attack buttons (mp + mk) without holding them. This is fairly challenging.

Hard Trial #2:

Difficulty: Hard

Title: “Spanish Snake”


-> [  Jump  ] Heavy Punch
-> [ Crouch ] Light Punch
-> [ Crouch ] Light Kick
-> Light Scarlet Terror
-> EX Scarlet Terror

It seems alot of people have difficulty with this trial, so for that reason, this earns the hard difficulty. This trial made me quit that day, and finish the rest the second day, lol. It’s an annoying trial, but stay calm. Use the health bar trick for the linking parts of the combo, then execute the first Scarlet Terror. As soon as you input the ST buttons, instantly charge, and as Dan falls back down, hit him with the second EX ST.

Hard Trial #3:

Difficulty: Medium

Title: “Acrobatic Dancer”


-> [  Jump  ] Heavy Kick
-> [ Crouch ] Medium Kick
-> [ Crouch ] Light Punch
-> EX Flying Barcelona Attack
-> Izuna Drop

This isn’t really hard at all, this was probably the quickest combo for me. Still takes precise timing for the links though, which can be executed easier by the use of the health bar trick. After the EX Barcelona, make sure you are close enough to Dan for the Izuna to execute (Back or Forward + Punch button). You dont want to mess this up because you didn’t hit the I Drop, trust me, so be patient as you fly closer to Dan. Most Vega players have mastered the I drop though.

Hard Trial #4:

Difficulty: Medium (arguably easy)

Title: “Snake Tattoo”


-> [  Jump  ] Heavy Punch
-> Heavy Punch
-> Light Kick
-> [ Crouch ] Medium Punch

This combo is fairly simple, just links. Use the health bar trick to help you time the links properly, and this shouldn’t be that hard.

Hard Trial #5:

Difficulty: Hard

Titile: “Mask and Claw”


-> [  Jump  ] Heavy Punch
-> [ Crouch ] Medium Kick
-> Light Kick
-> Light Kick
-> [ Crouch ] Medium Punch

Your succession in this trial depends on your timing. It took me 2-3 hours to complete this trial, while it took a friend of mine 5-10 minutes. So far, if you aren’t sure about the health bar trick, this is the time to tell you. The HB Trick is basically about a light beam that flashes across Dan’s Health bar. As soon as the light hits the end of it, you’re hitting the input. AS SOON!!! For some people, they suggest holding down forward so the medium punch connects at the end of the combo. This has worked for people, so try it if you choose. It was hard for me to connect the two light kicks, so I switched the HK button to input LK as you hit it. So instead of tapping of the same button twice, you can tap two different ones for the two light kicks, making your timing better. Those are the main tricks to this trial, if you have anymore, please post them.

Here is a compilation of ALL of Vega’s trials, Normal and Hard:


Quick Rundown of Normal Trials

Normal Trial #1:

Difficulty: Easy
Title: “Bloody Claw”

Normal Trial #2:

Difficulty: Easy
Title: “Beauty Is Everything”

Normal Trial #3:

Difficulty: Easy
Title: “Narcissist”

Normal Trial #4:

Difficulty: Easy
Title: “Self Lover”

Normal Trial #5:

Difficulty: Easy-Medium
Title: “Spanish Ninja”

If you have any tips, questions, or whatever feel free to post here. Hope I helped my fellow Vega users.


If there is anough demand, I will get into detail with the normal trials.

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I wish there was a way to condense the other 2 threads into this one because they all had valuable information. A third did seem like a little much but this one is well organized.

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You should remove that note on the health bar trick. It doesn’t work and it’s not what you think it is. That “beat” is the same everytime someone gets hit. This has been proven anough already.

what the hell am i doing wrong? i ALWAYS get scarlet terror in hard trial 3 instead of barcelona attack. im clearly going up forward with the stick not forward. and it never happens apart from this combo.

if i just go up instead of up forward i get barcelona but in the other direction.

edit: nevermind, i got it and it works easily now. no idea what i was doing wrong

edit2: i’m done now. i think that health bar trick is more of a handicap than a help if you rely on it, trial 5 took me 5 minutes.

Yep. Bad advice. Only works for some links, and it sucks for tight 1f’ers

I found the health bar trick to be useful somewhat. I guess it depends on the person really.

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I know this, but the “beat” usually works for timing.

I remember when i got SF4 on the released day it took me a month and a half to do all his trials. :sweat:

I was like finally im never coming back to this forsaken place again! :woot:

one year later sometime in Jan. im like im gonna mess around in trial mode and see how far i got with Vega i started the trials and finished all his trials like in 6.min i was like wow this took a month and a half to complete. :rofl:

Lol Joker, I know what you mean. That Trial 5 took me two hours! It was on a holiday too, and everyone was outside grilling and all. “Bryan, you coming out?” “Not until I finish this damn 5th trial!!”. I was geeked when I finally finished it, I even showed off my titles and icons online. That was on my old account however. On my new PSN “BonafydeSkillz” I haven’t touched trial mode lol.

*Any tips for trial 21 and 24?.. these are the only ones I don’t have for Mr.Claw…

edit I see the tip for 21… but 24 is still a pain*