Vega's Official Trial Thread

21…is that:
j.HP, cr.lp, crlk, l.ST > EX.ST?

If that’s the case, the cr.lp, is a one frame link, so you have to be quick. Just make sure you are not tapping the cr.lp until Vega’s feet are touching the ground after the j.HP or the cr.LK tends to not come out.

I usually negative edge the into l.ST, but it doesn’t hurt to quickly tap lk twice.
Break the combo down a bit. try cr.lp > crlk by itself. and try > L.ST by itself so you get the timing of how to get into each move.

and for 24, it’s all about spacing, you have too catch Dan literally just off the top of his jump arc because it has to be anti-air. The moment you input for CH, go straight into charging. You can let him drop a little bit off the CH before inputting U2.
The way I did that trial iirc, was the moment it says “fight” walk straight away and do a CH off a forward walk. It seems to put you at the right timing/spacing to hit it all in.

Sorry if it didn’t help.

brilliant after trying to do it myself for about 20mins i tried this method and got it on about my fifth attempt! not a vega player myself but found myself drawn to the trial mode recently, and after noticing id not done any of his trials, cracked the lot in less than an hour!

Good to hear :smiley:

*Thanks I will give these tips a try

Damnit… the ex st wont come out lol…*