Vega's "Overhead"

I’ve been trying to implement Vega’s ub.HP into my game lately. Most of my time, I find myself using it during an opponent’s wakeup. I’m pretty sure I’ve stopped dragon punches with this once or twice as well. Once they get used to it and start blocking high, I c.MP>ST, c.HK, or throw.

What I’m looking for is more situations where Vega’s overhead is a viable option. I’ve read that if someone blocks a jump in HP, you can ub.HP as soon as you land, and you’ll connect because they block low anticipating a block string.

Also, once you connect and you land, what are some good follow ups? Jump back in? Slide? Usually my opponents seem confused if I connect with ub.HP, and once I land I’m at a perfect distance for a slide.

Share your experiences and knowledge with this intriguing move!

Edit: Yeah, I skimmed the thread. As soon as I saw “overhead”, Piece of Mercury came to mind. My bad.

Back on topic: After a landed ub. HP I’ll either block in anticipation of a counter attack of I’ll df. HK and go for a grab. You could also do another ub. HP if they block the df. HK (if it should connect) or if you think they will tech the throw or try to counter.

someone didnt read the thread…
I thought you were talking about Piece of Mercury as well until i read the post.

Usually after i land a ub.hp i just wait to see how they react.
If they continue to block low, i might dash in for a throw.
Block high = slide.
Mostly i do nothing and use it as sort of a reset of position.

I can’t pull off the overhead ub+hp consistently.
Only vs some big characters… vs the rest 80% of the times i try i just jump back and hp in the air, but the hp don’t hit him.
I really don’t know what i’m doing wrong, and this is the reason my gameplay is very limited with vega, because once they turtle i can only grab them to do damage

I can’t do it on stick as reliably as I can on a pad, but when I do do it, its a great move.

Yea, i JUST saw a Vega video where they’d ub.HP after a blocked df.HK. That’s another great time to do this… thanks!

Does ub.HP only work on tall/certain characters? I don’t think I’ve ever done it to a blanka…

^I’m inclined to say yes (when the opponent is crouching). I couldn’t land ub. HP once on a crouching Blanka or Fuerte.

It really seems dependent on the characters height or hitbox … I’m not too sure though. I wish it was just me pushing the button too late.

Just did some research in training mode. Seems like it won’t work on the following characters:

Chun Li
E. Honda
M. Bison
C. Viper
El Fuerte

I never realized how few characters it worked on. fucking horrible

It doesn’t work on Cammy?Even with her retarded-everything-in-the-game-hits-me hitboxes?

I believe so; I just set the training dummies on crouch in training mode and see if it connected.

Jumping forward over their heads makes it hit on more characters. It is less safe (ie. punishable), but most people won’t have a charge or special on reaction after getting hit because they weren’t expecting it.

It is really good for getting that last bit of round winning damage, or when you need that one more hit for dizzy.

Jumping forward? wow never tried it. I’m gonna use this tonight see what kind of results I get. Thanks Brento

Sadly the list is shorter on characters that are actually hit by that.

So, vs 80% of the cast, we don’t have an overhead? this is sad.

jump back hp still works after because if you train them to, grab they will start doing something other than block, and then jump back hp will hit them, or beat their shoryu and so on…

yeah i’ve used jump back hp many times on zangiefs. they always fall for it 99.99% of the time it seems like hehe.

and jump forward hp works great as well. one time against an abel, i accidentally used it to win the match when he was trying to keep me in the corner with jumping medium kick everytime tried to jump out. once he hit the ground, i tried it and it worked!

whats a Ub HP

A jumping backwards Fierce strike.

Pretty sure it works on Vega and Rog, Vega almost 100% and i seem to recall doing it on rog.

it works on vega and rog,edit them out of the list.

this move isn’t good because it’s an overhead. it’s good because against some characters, the only thing they can do to avoid certain damage is block. if they’re teching a throw or doing pretty much anything they’ll get hit or at least trade. I use this to finish rounds