Vega's safe jumpins and safe empty jumps

I was playing a bunch of matches vs a Ryu, Akuma and Yun player yesterday. The two safe jumps are regularly use (back throw > jump ASAP and late j.MP and Izuna drop > c.MK ASAP > jump ASAP and j.HK or HP) worked fine against Yun, tho sometimes my post-Izuna Drop one didn’t work for some reason.

Now, I am aware you can’t safe jump shotos, so what I tried instead was empty jumping those same setups to bait the uppercut, block it and punish. Worked fine with the backthrow setup… but my empty jump almost always got hit with the post Izuna Drop setup. What gives?

IIRC jumps where you do a normal have 3 frames of landing recovery, while empty jumps have none at all. Is that incorrect, or am I doing something wrong? I typically Izuna Drop, mash or plink the shit out of c.MK so I get it ASAP, then hold u/f during c.MK. Why do my empty jumps get hit by Shoryukens then?

Jumping too late?

This is something that I still havent figgured out…the safe jump mechanics…I cant give you an answer but in the mean time…

Safe jump is just a meaty set up they dont work on shotos. Here you are forced to use the empty jump off back throw mix up. Im sorry to burst your bubble but ryu and yun can beat this setup clean with a cr mk option select fb. if you empty jump you get block dmg and if you press anything you eat the mk and the fb. what i do in substitute the safe jump for another meaty such as slide while charging back cr mk>lp rcf…Now you have to mix it up. Slide to block or slide to cr mk to mp rcf…The latter doesn’t combo but it chips more and baits shoryukens so you can mix in some cr mk to block…

Right now im wondering if its slide i use to make up space or CH…not sure…at work…will check later