Vega's specials



How do i use Vega’s special moves effectively?


to do his level three special all you have to do is wait for them to jump into you and right before they hit you let it out. Also if you find your opponent crouching a lot i forget what the move is actually called but its hold cr.db / cr.df / cr.db / up + k. after you jump off the wall and are about to land on them hit punch and you will hit them from above which they cant block if their crouching.



how about normal moves, moves
like izuna drop?


when the opponent is crouching, and you do that move - what will happen is the opponent doing an uppercut to counter your move.
sometimes they crouch to lure you to do that move.


when guile or characters with similiar fighting style is crouching, it means they are ready for doing an uppercut. if u do izuna drop on them, they will surely punish you by their charging uppercut


as far as I know, izuna drop is totally useless when playing against players with considerable skill.

the delay of the move before unleashing its attack is far too long that it can be easily countered by both uppercut, and air to air attacks.


m bison’s head press and honda’s butt drop have to be the most effective anti-crouching moves.

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